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Belleville 960z Tactical Research Khyber Lightweight Black TR960Z

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The Khyber is a revolutionary hybrid combat boot that conquers mountainous areas as well as rough terrain. Once you wear this boot in the field, you will realize that it represents a significant step forward in tactical footwear.

These boots were designed by Belleville Shoes in conjunction with the special forces community to provide a sturdy, rugged boot that gives excellent ground feel and mobility. The intent of the integrated deeply-serrated heel and toe aids the sole to provide a better feel for the terrain underfoot and can assist in braking & arresting slides as well as aiding in vertical climbing & crawling. While the VIBRAM "IBEX" outsole is for the rugged terrain, the TR-1 Load Bearing Orthotic insole ensures comfort while enduring such ground. The rappelling bars on the outsole extend the wear of the outsole, while the breathable combat lunar lining and heel & toe overlay design extends the overall Wear and Life of the boot. These 8-inch tactical boots feature a side zipper entry with molded security overlay for easy-on and easy-off.

Belleville has been making combat boots for Uncle Sam since World War I and is currently the largest boot supplier to the Department of Defense, but when they set out to design a new line of tactical combat boots (dubbed Tactical Research), they did not let tradition hold them back. They pioneered a novel approach that provides everything you need - reliability, stability, and traction - in a lightweight, comfortable boot that provides sure footing and an improved feel for the ground.

Why clunk around with an inch or two of rubber stuck to the bottom of your feet when you can glide through your area of operations?

For Women's Sizes go 2 size down from your regular Shoe size (ie. Woman's size 8, chose a size 6).

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  • Deeply serrated Hell Kicker and Heel & Toe Overlays Designed to aid in braking & arresting slides while extending the wear & life of the boot.
  • VIBRAM "IBEX" Outsole for rugged terrain and Breathable Combat Lunar lining with TR-1 Load Bearing Orthotic Insole.
  • ACU-approved boot
  • Reliability, stability, and traction - in a lightweight, comfortable boot
  • Side Zip Entry for easy-on and easy-off
  • Brand: Belleville
  • Size: 14 M US
  • Color: Black
  • Shipping weight: 400
  • Model: TR960Z
  • EAN: 0684541168209
  • MPN: TR960Z 140R

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