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DREAMCODE Womens Running Shoes Lightweight Athletic Walking

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9.125" foot, suggest size : 5.5US-women =EU/FR 36
9.25" foot, suggest size : 6US-women=EU/FR 37
9.5" foot, suggest size : 7US-women=EU/FR 38
9.625" foot, suggest size : 7.5US-women=EU/FR 39
9.875" foot, suggest size : 8.5US-women=EU/FR 40
10" foot, suggest size : 9US-women=EU/FR 41
10.25" foot, suggest size : 10US-women=EU/FR 42
10.5" foot, suggest size : 10.5US-women=EU/FR 43
10.65" foot,suggest size:11.5US-women=EU/FR 44

9.125" foot, suggest size : 4US-men=EU/FR 36
9.25" foot, suggest size : 4.5US-men=EU/FR 37
9.5" foot, suggest size : 5.5US-men=EU/FR 38
9.625" foot, suggest size : 6US-men=EU/FR 39
9.875" foot, suggest size : 7US-men=EU/FR 40
10" foot, suggest size : 7.5US-men=EU/FR 41
10.25" foot, suggest size : 8.5US-men=EU/FR 42
10.5" foot, suggest size : 9US-men=EU/FR 43
10.65" foot,suggest size:10.5US-men=EU/FR 44

  • SUITABLE FOR OCCASION: athletic shoes,casual, party, going out, indoor, office, shopping, standing, walking shoes, working, etc.
  • FLEXIABLE AND EASY TO BEND:this internal support mechanism is anatomically engineered to provide excellent cradle the natural contours of the foot.
  • RUNNING SHOES DOUBLE MIDSOLE: air cushion design, in your movement to provide adequate cushioning.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Shoe's material is light and comfortable, with KPU and one step weaving formation seamless protective shoe material, glaring colour, make the sport more exciting.
  • BREATHABLE INSIDE:so that the feet more dry,suitable for summer, spring and autumn.
  • Brand: DREAMCODE
  • Size: 7.5 M US

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