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STICO Chef Kitchen Slip Resistant Safety Men'

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2.MATERIALS: Airlon CX + Ceramic
3.Merits of the Item

  • outsole made of a new material (Ceramic + Rubber)
  • Excellent function of antibiosis and deodorization Insole (Ortholite insole)
  • Outstanding function to prevent slipping due to the function removing and draining water and oil
  • A long life with durability of abrasion of outsoles though a long time use
  • This shoes doesn't unpleasant smell (EVA upper) and less deform
  • Comfortable though a long time wear because of good cushion and light weight made of light materials
  • Less deform by oils and pollutants because of good resistance against oil and chemicals
  • Hospital(nursing), Restaurant (hall serving, cooking)
  • Fishing (processing), livestock (processing) and farming industries, Food (processing), textile (processing)
  • Households and service business like kitchens, fishing and sashimi centers
  • All types of manufacturing businesses having a working environment with water

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  • HIGH DURABILITY - Our products are highly resistant to oils and chemicals and are not easily deformed by hazardous substances. Therefore, you can wear for a long time without deforming the shape.
  • COMFORTABLE FIT - Our lightweight footwear is made of lightweight material with good cushioning for long wearing comfort.
  • ABRASION & DEODORIZING FUNCTION - Shoe sole is made of new materials ceramic and rubber and excellent durability. Insole has also antibacterial and deodorizing function, so it does not have unpleasant smell.
  • OUTSOLE FUNCTION - Combines rubber and ceramic to provide excellent protection against slippery surfaces such as water and oil. Because of the synthetic ceramics, anti-slip performance is demonstrated permanently even when the bottom pattern is worn.
  • SUPERIOR PRODUCT - Our products are equipped with Nanotech Ceramic Anti-slip technology which is certified by the world-accredited through the acquisition of UK SATRA, US FDA and European CE.
  • Brand: STICO/FIOR

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