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ECCO Men's Vitrus I Tie Boot Oxford 640324

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Using highly innovative fluid formâ„¢ injection technology, coupled with traditional calf crust aniline-dyed leather uppers, the citrus dress boots bring the best of hand crafted and modern comfort together, creating a perfectly anatomically designed platform that mirrors the contours of your foot.

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  • Highly innovative FLUIDFORM DIP injection technology
  • Full anatomical last complements the natural curvature of your foot and provides extra comfort
  • New shank, suspended welt and strobel sock for a perfectly anatomically designed platform
  • A moulded inlay soleprovides comfort and support while the forefoot is covered in a luxurious cork layer
  • Traditional calf crust aniline-dyed leather uppers, Vitrus brings the best of handcrafted and modern comfort together
  • Brand: ECCO
  • Shipping weight: 131
  • Model: 640324

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