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Simple Guide to Bridal Lingerie and Shoe Options

From bras to slips to shoes, the choices for bridal lingerie and accessories seems endless. This article helps take some of the guess work out of it all.

A Guide to Buying Steel Toe Shoes

This article is about the different sites online that one can check for steel toed shoes. This is helpful for people working in the construction area and people who want to wear steel toed shoes for fashion.

Winter Dress Shoes for Work

Here are ten top designer shoes that are perfect for the office work environment.

The Right Shoe with Arch Supports Prevents Foot Problems

Working out with bad shoes can cause a host of problems. To make sure your workout is all gain and no pain, be sure your shoes are fitted properly.

Designer Shoes that Sparkle and Shine

To many women, shoes are like works of art. They come in a million styles and shapes and colors and each one is fantastic and special in its own way. This year many stunning new designer shoes have been unveiled.

FitFlops The Flip Flops that Give You Great Gams

FitFlops are a new shoe designed to work your muscles while you are attending to your daily activities based on negative heel technology.

Stop Killing People with Your Feet How to Eliminate Shoe Odor

Tired of having feet that smell? This step by step guide will (hopefully)help you to eliminate shoe odor. It worked for me, but no guarantees.

Stylish Yet Practical and Affordable Winter Dress Shoes for Work

Just because it's winter doesn't mean you have to sacrifice beauty for comfortable shoes. This guide will present 5 professional shoes that are ideal for the workplace and the winter.

How to Find the Right Workout Shoe

There are endless workout shoes displayed at the athletic shoe stores. Knowing how to find the right workout shoe can greatly reduce your chances of injury.

Shoe Shopping for Large Sized Feet

Shopping for shoes if you have large feet can be struggle. There are ways to make it work and to find shoes that work for everyone's personal needs and wants.

Shopping for Narrow and Wide Shoes

Shoes made in a width other than medium are becoming harder to find. For those that have wider or more narrow feet there are ways to make the medium shoes work.