Running shoes

Running Requires the Right Equipment AKA Shoes

General guide on how to find the right running shoe.

How Do You Know when to Replace Running Shoes

If you are serious runner, the proper fit and 'run specific' shoe should be top priority.

Nike Versus Asics Running Shoes

Comparison of Asics and Nike Running Shoes

The Differences Between Trail Runners and Boots for Hiking

A number of serious backpackers are stashing their boots in the closet in favor of a type of shoe called trail runners. What is this type of footwear, and why are they making the switch? Is the change a good idea?

The Benefits of Running Without Shoes

Some runners are shedding their shoes and taking up the sport of barefoot running. What are the benefits of running without shoes?

Why You Need Running Shoes

The facts that every runner should know.

Lighter Running Shoes Are Better

Lightweight running shoes that allow you to run with a natural gait & soft midfoot/forefoot foot strikes, can lessen muscle strain & fatigue, improve endurance & help you recover faster, all factors in improving your running.

A Guide for Buying Running Shoes

The things you should look at when buying running shoes and the best sneakers for casual and distancce runners.

Tips on Choosing the Proper Running Shoes

Buying a good running shoe is one of the most important investments a runner can make. There are hundreds of different models and styles of running shoes to choose from. This article gives the reader tips on how to choose the proper running shoes.

Beware of Barefoot Running Injuries

Most coaches, elite athletes, physiologists and other medical experts agree that running barefoot in very small doses on soft surfaces can help improve your running but they also agree that you should wear some kind of running shoes.

Zero Drop Shoes from Altra

This article was written after an conducting an email interview with the Founders of Altra Running a new shoe company who is releasing zero drop minimal shoes

Running Barefoot to Save Your Feet

A lifetime marathon runner learns that running without shoes is the oldest, and best form of running for the human body.