Baby shoes

Hilarious High Heels for Babies and Other Stuff You Dont Need but Still Buy

Babies aged zero to six months now have the opportunity to wear hilarious high heels for babies. A company aptly named Heelarious has devised high heel shoes for babies, and no, you do not need them.

SoftSoled Baby Shoes Are Best for Those Sweet Little Feet

Baby feet are still developing and hard soled shoes can be harmful for thier development. Consider these top rated soft baby shoes before putting anything on your baby's feet.

Genuine Kids Baby Shoes by Oshkosh Stay on the Feet

Only one brand of baby shoes will stay on my granddaughters feet without coming off, and those are the Genuine Kids shoes by Oshkosh. These are inexpensive, cute and comfortable!

When Do You Start Putting Shoes on Your Babys Feet

Find out more about the right moment when you should start putting shoes in your baby's feet.

Finding a First Pair of Shoes for a Baby with Fat Feet

The story of my realization that my son has really, really fat feet and cannot fit into a regular pair of shoes. Trust me, if your child has this same problem, you'll relate!

Tips on Buying Your Babys First Shoes

Getting your money's worth out of baby shoes.

When Should Your Baby Start Wearing Shoes

Are you wondering the answer to this very question? Then read this informative article and learn the answers!

Why Your Baby Should Wear Soft Soled Shoes

A baby's feet grow very rapidly in the first year of life. The development of your baby's feet is very important as it can cause physical problems if they are not allowed to develop properly.

How to Make a Display with Baby Shoes

Most of us have saved our babies first shoes as a memento. We have them stored away for safe keeping. Than there are those who have opted to have their baby shoes bronzed. I have another fun option for you to consider