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Shoe Shopping for Toddlers

If you are in the market for new shoes for your toddler, there are a number of factors that you may first want to take into consideration.

The Best Shoes for Skinny Jeans

What kind of shoes do you wear with skinny jeans? It really depends on what type of look you're going for.

How to Choose High Heels

A brief walk through the different things you should give thought to before you really decide to buy that new pair of high heeled beauty shoes.

Reviewing Sketchers Mary Jane Style Shoes

Who would have thought you could combine two styles with such success?

Nordstrom Rack Best Discount Shoes at the Mall of America

Discount store Nordstrom Rack offers the best discount shoes in the entire Mall of America.

Shopping for Shoes in Padova Italy

While vacationing in Italy, I came across the very best place to buy Italian shoes.

Masai Barefoot Technology Shoes with a Purpose

Masai Barefoot Technology Shoes, developed in the 1990's have come into vogue for fitness, and have become a fashion highlight because celebrities have been seen wearing them.

Tips for Finding Shoes that Fit

Ever wonder what happened to that nice fitting pair of shoes you bought that just wasn't all that comfortable to walk around in the next day? Here are a few tips to follow when shopping for shoes so that you don't have buyer's remorse the next time around.

Fall 2019 Footwear and Shoe Trends

Now that it's time to put away summer shoes and turn to sturdier ones for fall, it pays to keep abreast of what shoes will be popular. Here's the story.

Jimmy Choo Shoes HighEnd Designer Shoes at Affordable Prices

Jimmy Choo shoes are not only known for their high fashion and luxury look, but also for their comfort and relaxed fit. If that's not enough to want to own Jimmy Choo shoes, wait until you learn that they are available to be bought online for huge savings.

Quick Tips for a Perfect Holiday Shoe

Okay, so you have the perfect holiday dress and the perfect holiday accessories... but what about the perfect holiday shoes?

Red Tennis Shoes Pet Booties for Dogs

He stands in at about 7 inches tall, he wears a size extra small. He's my best friend. My companion, my child; my dog.

Guide to Buying Running Shoes

It is worth your time and money to invest in a good, well fitted pair of running shoes. Find out how to buy the right running shoes for you.

Buying the Right Running Shoes

Selecting the right type of running shoes is important for the sake of your feet.

Prom Makeup Tips From Reducing Shine to Retaining Lipstick

A huge part of going to the prom takes place before the actual prom, especially for the girls. Besides choosing the perfect dress, the right shoes and finding a fun date, every girl going to the prom needs to worry about her hair and makeup.

Shoe Trends Winter 2019 Shoes

The good news is that winter 2019 shoes hold the promise of being warm and snug while still allowing you to step out in style.

Popular Shoes for Fall 2019

Flat oxfords are one of the sleekest and most popular shoes for fall 2019 with a wide selection from which to select.

Adventures on Two Feet The Grecian Princess Sandals

Another entry in Christine Stoddard's personal fashion project about her shoes; view the original on her fashion blog,

Sneakers Why You Need More Than One Pair

Hardly any item of apparel is more useful and versatile in your wardrobe than a good pair of walking shoes. And, if one pair is good, it just makes sense that five pair would be even better. Right?

Shoes A Guide to Fashion that Fits

Uncomfortable footwear can lead to hammertoes, ingrown toenails, missing toenails, misshapen feet, heel pain, lower back pain and more. A poorly-fitting shoe also wears faster than a well-fitting shoe. Not good for your toes or your wallet.

How to Save on Summer Shoes

Summer shoes that you wear to work or on casual dates can be perked up with a variety of great flower clip-ons.

Five Trendy Silver Shoes and How to Wear Them

Do you like silver metallic shoes, but don't quite know how to wear them? These styles might give you some ideas.