Teach Your Toddler to Tie His Shoes

If your child can follow simple directions and seems interested in tying his shoes, it's time to teach him.

Forget the Velcro and bending over to tie your child's shoes every few minutes. Teaching your child how to tie his shoes doesn't have to be a hassle. According to Parenting.com, most children know how to tie their shoes by the age of six, but don't be alarmed if your child hasn't learned by then. By encouraging your child, showing her how it's done and keeping your lessons lighthearted, your child will be tying her shoes in no time.

Step 1

Observe your child to see if he is ready to learn how to tie his shoes. Parenting.com suggests that if your child can button his shirt and use scissors, he is ready to learn to tie his shoes.

Step 2

Lace your child's shoes with dual-colored laces. These shoelaces are one color on one end of the laces and a different color on the other. These laces can be used to instruct your child to tie her shoes more easily.

Step 3

Teach your child with simple, step-by-step instructions, such as with the bunny ears technique. Instruct your child to make two bunny ears, then cross one ear under the other and pull one under to tie it.

Step 4

Show your child how you tie your shoes several times, then ask them to try each step, one at a time. Once your child has mastered the first step, move on to the next.

Step 5

Be patient. Your child may not learn how to tie her shoes immediately. If she begins to get frustrated, move on to something else and start again with the tying lessons tomorrow.