Where to Get Boots that Charge Your Cell Battery While Your Walking

Your shoes are not just for walking anymore because with this new invention you can charge your cell phone.

First we had the rechargeable cell phone, and then we had the wind up cell phone charger, now we have the walk around and be productive while charging your cell phone charger. So, what exactly do I mean by walking around and charging your cell battery? Well a U.K. based cell phone company has teamed up with a company that specifies in renewable energy sources by the name GotWind to create a special type of boot that allows the user to charge their cell phone by walking.

So, now that you know what it is, your next question probably will be how does it work? Well to put it into the best prospective the boots work with the help of thermoelectric devices which creates different forms of voltage at different temperatures. The semiconductor materials located within the boots which interact with the heat of the persons foot and then combines that with the cold of the ground which generates an electric current which then in turn creates the voltages necessary for charging the battery of the cell phone. This boots are practical for walking and that is their initial design, so any discomfort that someone may expect from something designed to create energy is not present within this invention.

While this is a step in the right direction and while it could pay the way to a greener future, as is the case with almost any invention in its infancy or in the early stages of production, this unit is not as effective as one would hope. The reason I saw this is that the energy producing boots require around twelve hours of walking and in return give you around an hour of cell phone power. While this may indeed be the case we need to remember that, no pun intended here, it is the step in the right direction. Too often I think people make the mistake of expecting greatness from something that is the first of its kind ever invented. We should understandable expect and demand better from today's technology, but we have to give things like this a chance and support them and the people who do the research. As soon as one person or business steps in the right direction; others with more resources and know how will do the same.

I think perhaps the more amazing thing to note here is that a cell phone company decided to fun this project and look into the research for such a device. This shows me that more and more companies are becoming aware of their usage and are understanding more and more about the importance of our environment. At the same time they realize that if they give their consumers the means to do so, they can slowly turn the average casual user into an energy conservative individual. Instead of it seeming like something that you go out of your way to do, saving energy will become more and more of a habit and as time goes on it will feel wrong or weird for someone to not go green or do more energy conservative things in the future. The more companies do this, the more people will do it to and it will only be a matter of time before the world as a whole becomes more wary of the environment and its resources as well as their own consumption.