Livie and Luca Childrens Shoes Review

Review of the children's shoes from Livie and Luca.

My daughter absolutely inherited my love of shoes. Seriously, at age two, I've seen the girl pass over toys in favor of shoes. Despite the occasional mismatched pair, she seems to have fairly decent taste. One pair of shoes that we can both always agree on are her Tootles from Livie and Luca.

Livie and Luca shoe company was started by three moms with a passion to create shoes perfect for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. I'd say they succeeded fabulously. These shoes are both super stylish and unbelievably comfortable for the little feet learning how to walk, run and jump. Livie and Luca shoes are made from the softest leather and the soles are extremely flexible. The inner sole is cushioned and the softness continues. My daughter wears hers without socks all the time and I haven't seen the slightest glimmer of a blister. These shoes are just amazingly soft. To me, that is a very important quality in a shoe for my child.

Another feature that I love is how easy these shoes are for my daughter to put on herself. The funky design of these shoes makes them look adorable but, also gives a nice wide toe area. When putting close-toed shoes on my daughter it is very nice to have a lot of room. Not only does she have the wide feet but, she also has the uncanny ability that most kids have to scrunch her toes up the second she puts her feet in the shoes. With these shoes her feet go in easily.

Aside from the foot fashions that Livie and Luca offers, they are a company that cares. The shoes are all handmade (which I love) from leather scraps that would normally be thrown out. How's that for being resourceful?! They also have a big hand in making sure the people who make Livie and Luca shoes are happy. In today's day and age it's not too common to find companies that care about their products, their customers, their employees and the environment. Livie and Luca obviously cares about them all and more. Ten percent of their online sales go to charity and they are a big supporter of Art for Humanity, an organization that takes gently used shoes and gives them to children that wouldn't ever have shoes. If you'd like more info on this project or you have shoes you'd like to donate please click here.

Livie and Luca offers cute shoes for both boys and girls. Their summer sandals are adorable and I'm highly tempted to get my daughter some of the little ankle boots for winter. I love the pair that were sent to us. The Tootles style are a super cute "mary jane" type shoe that look adorable with a skirt or pants. While I could go on and on about the girl shoes, I must say that the choices for boys are fantastic.