Skechers Mens Energy II Casual

Skechers Men's Energy II Casual are well fitting, comfortable shoes.

I like to walk for fitness and needed shoes that will give me comfort, and durability. I have purchased, and worn just about every brand of shoes there are, and was naturally a bit skeptical when my 14 year old daughter suggested that I try the brand of shoes she was wearing. Skechers.

I was not sure that a brand of shoes that teens are wearing would fit my life, but I agreed to at least go try on a pair.

I tried them on and walked around the shoe department for a few minutes. I was surprised that they were comfortable form the beginning. Usually when I get a pair of tennis or walking shoes, it takes me a few days of breaking them in until they are comfortable.

The Skechers Men's Energy II Casual were available in my size and width, which was another pleasant surprise, as I generally take a wide shoe size.

One thing that I think made the Skechers Men's Energy II Casual feel comfortable to me was that they had a padded collar and tongue. This prevented rubbing against my upper foot. This is usually a problem area, and the Skechers are made to prevent this.

Since I do a lot of walking, the cushioned insole was very nice. It made it feel like I was walking on air. The midsole were well made also, and seemed to be very shock absorbing as I walked. Skechers Men's Energy II Casual has a fairly high arch built in, which is something that I insist on in a shoe.

The Skechers Men's Energy II Casual is made of a material that breathes and has a good deal of flexibility. One of the reasons I generally tend to go with running or walking shoes in the first place, is that leather shoes make my feet feel boxed in.

I bought the Skechers Men's Energy II Casual about five months ago, and they are still going strong. Usually my casual shoes only seem to last for a couple of months. I have had back and knee problems which make me walk in such a way that my shoes wear unevenly.

So far I have not noticed an uneven wear with the Skechers Men's Energy II Casual. I will wear these shoes until they wear out, and can guarantee I will make Skechers my brand of shoes. They look good in most casual situation, with blue jeans, or slacks. (I don't know that I would recommend wearing them with a suit or a tux, but for most situations you can wear the Skechers Men's Energy II Casual.