Top 5 Walking Shoes for Women

The right shoes are necessary for any walking program be it casual or serious.

The right walking shoe is paramount for comfort and stability especially when walking long distances. In recent years women's walking shoes have grown in variety and comfort levels and currently several brands offer great walking shoes

New Balance 1063

The New Balance 1063 creates a solid support for people with control and stability issues. The mesh upper is also breathable and cuts down on sweat issues. The cushioning around the heel is wonderfully designed and is known to cut down on blister issues.

Puma LIFT Racer

The Puma Lift is classified as a running shoe but it's lightweight, one piece construction makes it suitable for walks on smooth even surfaces such as a track or treadmill. The mesh upper creates a breathable material that bends with the foot while the foam ankle and bottom offer good traction and support for the heel and ankle.

Nike Air Miler

The Nike Air Miler is an all purpose walking shoe that is suitable for roads and sidewalks. The shoe is well rated for control and comfort and has substantial cushioning to help cut down on painful impacts and joint pain. The higher ankle also helps to cushion the blow to joints.

New Balance 769

Another great walking shoe from new balance, This one is ultra light but still packs a great deal of comfort. Its lightweight design cuts down minimally on the cushioning of the shoe, but overall the lightweight features make up for it for people looking for a shoe that feels less substantial.

Saucony Grid Ignition

These sneakers are for the more budget conscience. The shoes have an air bubble for added cushion; which is great for comfort and support as well as a nice design that is flexible and lightweight. Saucony is notorious for durable shoes so these are great for the less serious walker.