Why is Shopping Online for Odd Shoes Better Than Shopping Offline

Discussing the pros and cons of shopping for odd shoes online vs. in stores

Shopping in stores for different sized shoes can be expensive and embarrassing at times. In order to find a company that will allow you to split the pair into two different sizes, you really have to look around. The locations of such businesses are usually quite a distance to travel, and have you being assisted by a sales associate, who may have no compassion to your particular issue. Nordstrom does offer a split shoe size service, but their locations are few and far between for many of us who are not close to a large city mall.

If you shop online for odd shoes, you have many more options for finding exactly what you want and you keep your anonymity. You can do all the shopping and price comparing you need to do in a short amount of time right from your home computer. You can browse the selections and change your mind without ever having to explain why you decided against a certain pair.

Many websites offering odd shoes will sell the pair and adjust the foot sole to fit the smaller foot, or allow you to purchase "by the shoe" so you can mix and match your footwear purchases. Some sites offer free shipping and returns that may not be available at shoe store locations. You still have the option of dealing with a person on the other end of email who has no need to inspect your feet. You can get advise and assistance about which pair may be right for you or how to go about the ordering process without the embarrassment of explaining your situation to a live person. It is a lot easier to be honest about what you truly need in an informal email setting than it is to share with someone face to face.

The only downside I see to shopping online for odd sized shoes is the fact that you don't get to try them on first. Before completing your purchase over the internet, I would check the return policy of the web-store to feel confident that you will be pleased with your purchase in the end. Also, try to send a simple question to the customer service department and see what kind of return time they have for email communication. If it is not to your liking, look for a different site.

If you research the websites and shop wisely, it is much better to shop online for mismatched shoes. You have a much larger selection of shoes, options for purchasing one shoe at a time thus saving you money. You don't even have to deal with embarrassing shoe fittings or long travel to get to a store that may or may not have a style that you like. Shopping online is definitely the way to go!