KIWI Protectall Shoe Spray

The product claims to provide water and stain protection for leather and fabric shoes, but does it work?

Whether it's freezing or a heat wave, it's not a bad idea to use protection for leather and fabric shoes. Upon purchasing a pair of sneakers, I was asked if I wanted to buy some socks in able to receive a free water and stain protection spray. Usually I'll consider a deal and if it sounds good, take it. But I thought for a moment at the cash register that I could pick up a bottle of spray protection for a lot less than the cost of buying some over priced socks. This decision lead to me try KIWI Protect-all.

This product comes in a 4.25 oz red can with a black color cover. It claims to be for all colors and gives protection everyday against stains and water. The cost at the time was just under $5.00 at Wal*Mart. Though keep in mind this product may cost more or less depending on where it is purchased.

This product has a smell that isn't so pleasant but does fade away as it dries. You may for safety reasons want to test the product on a small unseen area to ensure the product won't damage the shoes. Wait a few days to test out the product or if you have time, a week to see if there's any bad reaction. This product was tested on two pairs of leather sneakers. Before using this product, both sneakers were cleaned first to ensure the product would cling better.

The product is simple to apply. After the shoes are clean and dry, hold the can 6-8 inches away from the shoe and spray. Make sure to be in a well ventilated area and do not smoke while using this product. Also keep shoes and the product away from any flames such as the fireplace. After applying a coat to the shoes, allow them to dry for at least 3 hours before wearing. For newer shoes, Kiwi suggest applying another coat and allowing to dry before using.

The verdict: Protect-all will help with stains by preventing dirt from building on. There is going to be some wiping with a cloth involved when the shoes become dirty. This product does not make the shoe waterproof. If you step in a puddle small or big, your feet more than likely will become wet. It did protect the leather from whithering due to the water being repelled from settling in. Overall for the cost and effectiveness, this product isn't a bad idea to help protect shoes. It won't keep them spotless but it does help protect. Check out Kiwi for this and all other shoe products by logging onto: