Tips for Buying Shoes Online

Save time and money by shopping for your next pair of shoes online. This article provides tips for online shoe shopping.

With all the discounts to be found online these days and the benefits of online shopping, shoe shopping should not be the exception. Some people may avoid purchasing shoes or clothes online simply because they cannot try them on first. Never fear. A few simple tips and anyone can successfully purchase shoes online, and even snag a discount.

Before you do any online shoe shopping, you must know your shoe size. Every shoe maker is slightly different. Have your feet properly sized so you will know the average size and width to search for. You are now ready to begin your search. As you purchase shoes, remember which makers fit best and which ones may require you to purchase a larger or smaller size.

You could go to your local retailer, but why? Lines, possibility of rude customer service, lack of inventory and sizes, and the time wasted driving back and forth looking for the best deal are all major cons to normal shoe shopping. With online shoe retailers, you can browse as long as you want, whenever you want with no lines and no driving.

Another benefit of online shoe stores is customer reviews. You can actually read what others have said about the shoes you see before you buy. Instead of relying on an employee, you can rely on actual customers' opinions. Customers have no problem saying what they think. This is a great way to research your shoe purchase before buying.

So where can you find shoes online? Most retailers have websites with the same products you can find in store. Often times, more sizes and colors are available online than in the store. Five of the most popular places to browse are,,,, and of course, These are not just online shoe stores, but discount online shoe stores as well. You can find top designer names along with more common brands all in one place. Just as a note, when shopping at Ebay, be sure the seller has mainly positive feedback. Do not feel bad about researching the seller first.

There are a few things to look for when searching for the perfect online shoe store. Selection is crucial. If the store does not have a wide variety of styles, widths, sizes, colors, and makers, then there is not point in wasting your time with that site. After selection, price becomes a key factor. Some online stores offer a price match guarantee. If you find a shoe you want cheaper elsewhere, then check your favorite online retailer's site to see if they will offer a price match or an even larger discount. Keep a check on sales and even online coupons. Just because you are shopping online, does not mean you have to pay more for the convenience.

Perhaps the most important aspect of online shoe stores to check is their return policy. This is especially important if you are buying a new brand or simply shoe shopping online for the first time. Until you find that perfect fit, you will more than likely need to return some of the pairs you purchased. Most retailers offer at least some type of return policy. Check the terms and return period length carefully. Until you have tried the shoes on, never remove any of the tags and keep all packaging. Many retailers will send a return shipping label. However, the return shipping varies from place to place. Some offer free return shipping, others offer a discount off normal shipping rates, while others charge the same or more.

Never be afraid to ask questions. Customer support is just as important at online shoe stores as local retailers. If you are unclear about anything, feel free to contact the company. Emails, addresses, and phone numbers are provided in the help section on most sites.