I Love My FootJoy Womens Sierra Treks

The FootJoy line is always a good bet when it comes to golf shoes

Shortly after taking up the infuriating game of golf, I decided that it is probably a very good idea to keep a spare set of shoes in my bags for those unexpected whatevers. Better safe than sorry, eh? Being so incredibly pleased with my FootJoy SoftJoy Terrains, I decided to stay with the same brand. I did want a slightly different look though. Hey, I'm a girl! I want variety! Timing is everything you know, and boy did I luck out. Richmond Golf was having their annual Tent Sale and had many women's FootJoys for half price. YAY!

I tried on probably six different styles, which all looked fabulous.. but some are cut higher on the ankle than others and were rubbing. Not good. Luckily, I found the FootJoy Women's Sierra Treks to be the same exact fit as my Terrains., and they look damn good as well.

Now, what I find particularly funny is that on the Terrains, the website showed a brown saddle where mine are grey.. on these Sierra Treks it's just the opposite. Mine are a light brown where this picture is grey. Too funny! I always was a rebel...heh.

The Sierra Treks have the same fabulous warranty as the Terrains: 1 year waterproof, 90 day quality, and a 30 days guarantee on comfort. How can you go wrong with this brand? Same quality SoftJoy workmanship, with soft full grain leather uppers and excellent stitching.

The comfort is top notch, with the usual FootJoy built-in gel sole. These shoes, I'm tellin' ya, feel like you are just walking on air. Bye-bye blisters! No band-aids in my golf bag now! Hell I wear them to the driving range now too just as an excuse to wear them. Hmm wonder how many looks I'd get if I wore them to putt-putt....

The Sierra Treks also have the identical soft-spike quick screw cleats so I don't have to keep two spare sets of cleats. One big difference though is the Treks also have a custom traction system. This consists of three out-soul traction rings. These are plastic thingies that go onto the soul first, then the cleats screw in over them. The shoes come with a set of these traction rings for three different course conditions: Hilly/rainy, standard, and benign. Now, let me exhibit my ignorance a moment here... what the heck does 'benign conditions' mean in relation to Golf Courses? I have the Standard rings on right now.. some day I suppose I'll figure this out..

If all that isn't enough, these also come with Air Pod inserts for your heel...and in both hard and soft. All included with the shoes. So I can switch off or go without them. Those I'm still undecided on, I'll have to play with them a bit more. You also get a tool to make cleat changing a breeze. This little doodad is a blessing! I can whip cleats on and off in seconds with this baby, even with my arthritic hands. I love it.

Get thee to your local neighborhood Golf Store now and get a pair of these. Nearly two-thirds of PGA Tour Professionals can't be wrong... As for me, I'ma go buy a FootJoy hat now because this brand deserves to be bragged about.