Ten Essentials a Girl Needs for Prom

You've got the dress, the shoes, a pretty hairdo and a date, and you think you're ready for prom? Think again.

You've got the dress, the shoes, a pretty hairdo and a date, and you think you're ready for prom?

Think again.

Though you'll have to pack wisely, here are a few must-have items you will definitely need for the big night.

Much like your everyday life, you'll need your cell phone. You never know what could pop up that night that you may need it. Plus, your parents will be more comfortable knowing that they can easily get a hold of you, which may lead to an extended curfew.

Bringing your digital camera will ensure that you won't forget a moment of prom. What better way to capture all the great moments and fabulous looks? Since you'll be looking especially glam, take a few snap shots of yourself. It provides a great way to reminisce about your youthful days when you're older.

As far as makeup goes, you'll need lip gloss, powderfoundation and eye shadow. Sexy, glossy lips make you that much more kissable to your date. Plus, it'll make your lips look lustrous in pictures. After all that dancing, odds are your face will be sporting a little shine. So not pretty, especially in pics. Dab some powder along your shiny spots. Make your eyes pop by reapplying eye shadow every so often. Excessive dancing can sweat your shadow right off. Every so often, sneak into the ladies room to freshen up. Invite your girlfriends to this mini beauty ritual as they will probably need to touch up their makeup as well.

As long as you're in the ladies room, keep your updo in place with an extra shot of hairspray (travel size, of course) in between dance numbers. While you're at it, dab a little perfume on, too. And if you've been dancing a lot, glide on an extra layer of deodorant to keep you clean and fresh.

Prom is mainly about looking beautiful, not about being comfortable. Most likely, your feet are going to be hurting you halfway through the dance. Packing a couple of Band-Aids will help pad your footsies when your hot stilettos or sling backs are digging into to you, threatening to raise some nasty blisters.

If you're going with your crush, you want to be prepared for a possible goodnight kiss. Be prepared with a minty piece of gum or small tin of mints to keep your breath fresh.

Now that your pretty, little prom accessory (aka the bag) is prepared for prom, relax and have a great night of dancing, eating and spending time with your friends.