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No matter what you may be looking for, you are sure to find a pair of boat shoes that will suit your needs and preferences.

Since the 1980s, boat shoes have been very fashionable for men who wish to dress in a business casual style. This stylish footwear comes in a variety of styles that are manufactured and sold by designers all over the world, and they are versatile enough to fit nearly every lifestyle or fashion. They can also be purchased for practically any price. Expensive boat shoes made from genuine leather can go for well over a hundred dollars, while cheaper canvas shoes can be purchased for under fifty dollars. No matter what these shoes are made of or how much they cost, they are almost always guaranteed to be comfortable, fashionable and functional.

Modern boat shoes were originally invented in 1935 by Paul Sperry. Sperry was looking for a way to keep his shoes from slipping when he walked over a wet and slippery boat deck. After noticing that his dog was able to run across icy surfaces without slipping, Sperry became inspired and cut a siping pattern into the soles of his shoes. Siping is a process that involves cutting slits across rubber to keep them from slipping over slippery surfaces, and it was actually attributed to and named for John F. Sipe, a slaughterhouse worker who developed the process when he became tired of slipping on wet floors. Sperry designed his shoes to be used on boats, hence the name "boat shoes ." Sperry then established a brand called Sperry Top-Siders and began to sell his new creation. Sperry Top-Siders is a popular brand of boat shoe to this day.

Boat shoes were naturally originally worn by sailors for their utilitarian purpose, but in the 1980s it became fashionable for those who didn't regularly work on boats or docks to wear boat shoes. The style was and still is popular throughout the US, England, France and Portugal. They are worn by both men and women, although they are more commonly recognized as men's shoes. They are also traditionally worn without socks, which makes sense considering their origin and intended useage. However, they can be worn with socks, especially the more stylish and expensive variety that can work almost as a dress shoe with the correct outfit. Those who really want to stick with tradition but hate the idea of wearing shoes without socks can also opt for "invisible" socks that don't show with boat shoes. The shoes traditionally have had white non-marking soles, although some modern shoes have dark non-marking soles.

These shoes are available in a number of different styles, materials and colors. Traditionally, they are made from canvas, although there is no shortage of the leather variety available. They are more commonly worn for their looks rather than their intended purpose in most circles, but many sailors and workers still use them for their intended purpose to avoid slipping or falling. Those who wear the shoes for this purpose may want to invest in a waterproofer to extend the life of the shoes, although many of the leather shoes are designed to repel water already.

Waterproofer can be purchased at practically any shoe store for a relatively low price. The shoes also come in a variety of colors. Most people may imagine them made from dark brown leather or tan canvas, but they can be found in practically any color imaginable. The darker tan shoes are of course easy to find, but there are also lighter colors. Blue canvas shoes are particularly common and popular, and one can even find white shoes if one looks hard enough.