How to Make Shoes One Size Smaller

It is a fairly simple task to make shoes one size smaller in fit.

Shoe companies manufacture various versions of the same shoe size. This can be a problem, since a size 10 made by one shoe company can feel tighter than a size 10 made by a different shoe manufacturer. It is vital to pay attention to how snugly your shoes fit in order to prevent chronic problems with your feet.

Whether you have lost weight or have purchased a pair that is too large, you don't have to wear shoes that are too big. There are inexpensive ways to fix the problem. The first thing you'll need is shoe insoles.

Purchase shoe insoles the same length as your current shoe size. Bring your pair of shoes to the retail outlet where you choose to purchase the insoles. Talk to a sales representative about the correct type of insoles you should buy. Place your right hand in the bottom of the insole.

Put it into the shoe. Keep the crown of the insole in place near the tip of your shoe. Thrust the insole to the top of the toe of the shoe. Confirm that the heel of the insole feels comfortable against your foot. Walk around in your shoes. Make certain that the shoe fits you comfortably. The shoes should not fit tightly.