Shoes that Match Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are a trend that has not faltered for years, there are all types of footwear that can match with a great pair of skinny jeans.

Skinny jeans have been the new it style for quite some time now. They seem not to be a dying breed and even if you are one that prefers not to wear them, there are ways to make them stylish and go with your personal style even if you hate the look of them in general. Here are ways to make skinny jeans more tolerable or more fabulous if you already love them.

Paired with High Heels

Skinny jeans look wonderful when wearing high heeled shoes. A basic pair of pumps in any color with a blouse style top and tight fitted skinny jeans is one look that will make many jealous. Even if high heels seem to be a pain to wear, getting comfortable insoles inside them will make you feel as though you are walking on thin air. This is a look that is not to be trifled with!

Paired with Thigh High Boots

Another fashion trend that is taking the industry by storm is thigh high boots, either heeled or flat. These kind of boots may have had an unpleasant past, but these days they take it to a whole new level of hot fashion. Wearing them with skinny pants is actually a comfortable and effortless look that matches well with a basic t shirt or a bohemian styled peasant blouse, especially the low heeled kind of boot. This look is for anyone that is casual, yet feels the need to be somewhat dressy all at the same time.

Skinny Jeans and Knee Length Boots

This is the most casual look when paired with a skinny jean. Knee high boots are probably the best choice to go with these jeans because it looks effortlessly put together and you can feel rather cool, especially with the buckled motorcycle type of boot. Wearing skinny jeans with these, a t shirt, and a leather or faux leather jacket will ooze a sense of hip and cool fashion that will make others definitely want to follow your lead.

The Don'ts

Skinny jeans are not the best look when they are paired with ballet flats. This can make legs look more stumpy and frumpy. They are also not the best when paired with any type of belly shirt, or something tied at the waist, which can make you appear to lose a few inches of height. When wearing these skinny style pants its best to take note of wearing longer shirts and something with at least a two inch heel, or a flat boot.It seems pant trends come and go so quickly it is hard to keep up with the new look of the year, but with skinny pants they can be worn every year with different looks to keep you up to date in the fashion world.