Victorian Bridesmaid Shoes

If you or someone you know is a Victorian bride, then this list of bridesmaid footwear is perfect for all your shopping and wedding needs!

Below is a list of the best Victorian bridesmaid shoes available on the web. I have divided them into two sections: those that can be dyed and those that must be worn as they appear. This selection is sure to have something that will spark a little Victorian essence!

Victorian Bridesmaid Shoes That Can Be Dyed:

Victorian White Lace Bridal Boot

This boot was created for brides, but it could easily be suited to a bridesmaid. It has everything that a Victorian shoe should have: a snappy heel, thin shoe strings, and a little lace. It comes in white, but could easily be dyed to match any dress color. It has a 2 7/8'' heel, a leather sole and comes in standard sizes 5-11. It has some lovely detailing that really give it a Victorian edge, such as a ribbon that ties in the front and delicate crystal beading. This boot is a nice match all around, no matter what your taste.

Woman's Canvas Turn-of-the-Century Shoe

This shoe is a little more American Victorian and may not fit every type of Victorian wedding. It is suitable more towards the practicality of the Victorian age, rather than that of the lace and frills that made it so delicate. This shoe is definitely better for comfort, as well as more durable. It is made of canvas material, so it will always conform well to the foot. The shoe comes in both beige and white, but if you were to order the white, you could easily have the shoe dyed to whatever color you desired. It comes in sizes 5-10, so be wary of this one if your feet are on the larger side. It has a lovely ribbon that ties in the front, which could also be dyed a special color that fits the wedding style. Lastly, the heel is short, perhaps 2'', allowing for even more comfort. 

Maiden's Memoirs Victorian Shoes

These are actual vintage shoes from the Victorian age, making them better suited for the most authentic of Victorian style weddings. The shoe is a off-white color, making it easy to dye. With a short 1'' heel, this shoe is good comfort, although the arch support is lacking (a small price to pay for the vintage detailing). Made of silk satin, this shoe adds the perfect vintage touch to a bridesmaid dress. 

Wedding Wishes Victorian Shoe

No Victorian woman's wardrobe was complete without her high boots. These boots reach midway up the calf with a tiny string lacing them. They come in white and can be easily dyed to match the bridesmaid dress. The boot has beautiful satin covered buttons to give it a nice finishing touch. These shoes can only be purchased within the United Kingdom, so watch out for the exchange rate, as well as different shoe sizings. The sizes available are UK 3-8 with a heel height of 7cm.

Victorian Bridesmaid Shoes That Can NOT Be Dyed:

Maria Antuanete Victorian shoes

Coming in a variety of colors, these shoes really embrace the individuality of Victorian fashion. Complete with beautiful embellishments of lace and beading, these shoes would be a great statement even after the wedding is over. Available in black, blue, ivory, and pink, they can be matched with most colors. All shoes have a lofty 4 1/2'' heel height, so be ready to walk in heels on the big day. Available in sizes 5-12, these are a real crowd pleaser.

Khussa Victorian Heels

These beautiful, shiny shoes will really add some sparkle to any bridesmaid. Available in a darker ivory, these shoes reflect almost any color that comes near them, making them a perfect fit for almost any dress! They are made of silk, with beads and sequins adding a nice final touch. The heel height is 2 3/4'', making it easy to wear them all day. Beware: these shoes are only available in a size 12!

Annette Shoes

These shoes embrace the Victorian style while still adding a little modern bling. With buckskin soles, these shoes are covered in lace and beautiful detailing that makes them obviously Victorian. A rhinestone ring adds a nice, modern touch to them. Available in several colors, these shoes comes in sizes 5-9 and 11-12.

Pleaser Shoe

It wouldn't be Victorian without the classic, everyday black boot. Imagine yourself skipping down a cobblestone street in these black beauties. Made of synthetic materials, these shoes have a lovely lace up front with a 2 1/2'' heel. They lack in clunkiness, weighing only 1 pound each! These are sure to add comfort and complete Victorian authenticity to the wedding! Available in sizes 6-12.

Victorian Boot

While we're on the topic of the classic black boot, you might be wanting something a little sexier or daring. If so, go with this shoe. While your dress may cover it, you'll still know you're walking on the wild side in these lace-up calf boots. These boots also offer a nice lace detailing to add some femininity to the harsh shine. Available in sizes 6-10, these also have a 2 1/2'' heel.

Modernized Victorian

While this shoe does not claim to be Victorian, it holds all the qualities that Victorian fashion holds dear. In a lovely chocolate color, this shoe embraces the satin finish of most Victorian accessories, while also attracting attention with beading details. I absolutely love this shoe, as it is the perfect marriage of modern and Victorian, creating something really spectacular. With a 3'' inch heel and removable beaded rose, this one is sure to catch attention! Available in sizes 7 and 8.