How to Make a Shoe Tree for Hanging Your Shoes

Learn how to build a shoe tree that will allow you to hang your shoes in such a fashion that they will be able to completely air out. This is extremely important to prevent diseases like athlete's foot and to have healthy feet.

When it comes to storing your shoes, one of the most important things is to put them in a place where they can air out in order to fully dry them out and prevent foot diseases and problems such as athlete's foot. A novel idea, that has been proven to work for getting the moisture out of your shoes is to hang them in the air, where the air can fully circulate around them. A hanging shoe rack or a shoe tree is a great way to easily accomplish this.

One can quickly and easily build themselves a shoe tree with just a few basic materials. The first thing you will need to build your shoe tree are two 3 foot long 2-by-4's. In addition to this, you will need a 4 foot tall 4-by-4. Also build a shoe tree you will need a saw, 4 L brackets, 4 flat brackets, a drill and screwdriver bit, some three-quarter inch screws, and 4 to 6 old broken fishing rods. Finally, you will need a few coat hangers with clips. Once you have these materials in hand, you can begin the process of building your own shoe tree.

The first step in constructing a shoe tree is to build the base of it. In order to do this, you will need to cut one of the 3 foot 2-by-4's in half using the saw. Now take the other 3 foot long 2-by-4 and attach the two halves of the first 2-by-4 to either side of it using the flat brackets in order to create an X-shaped base. You will need to attach the flat brackets to the 2-by-4's using the drill, screwdriver bit, and 3/4 inch screws. This base will stabilize the trunk of the shoe tree.

The next step in constructing the shoe tree is to attach the trunk of it to the base. In order to do this, stand the 4 foot tall 4-by-4 vertically in the center of the X-shaped base. Now use the 4 L-shaped brackets along with the drill, screwdriver bit, and 3/4 inch screws to attach the trunk to the X-shaped base. With this done, the attachment of the limbs of the shoe tree can begin.

Now take your 4 to 6 old broken fishing poles and use the saw to cut them all off at an even length usually about 1 foot to 1 foot and half from the end of their handles. With the fishing poles cut, use the drill and screwdriver bit to drive the 3/4 inch screws through them attaching them to the sides of the 4-by-4 trunk. This attaches the limbs for the shoe tree to it.

Next on each loop on the fishing poles that line would've originally run through, place a coat hanger. This places the hangers needed for hanging the shoes.

Finally take whatever shoes you will want to hang, and use the clips on the coat hangers to hang the shoes from the coat hangers. By doing this, the shoes can now hang and have the air circulate freely around and through them, thus drying them out completely.

Usually by leaving shoes hanging overnight, all the moisture in them will fully dry out making them healthy for your feet and ready to wear the next day. By following the above instructions, you should be able to build your shoe tree in about one day. Once it's completed, you will be able to enjoy your shoes once more knowing that they are healthy for your feet.