The Top 5 Shoes for Traveling Anywhere

Recommended top five shoes that are easy to slip off for airport security, comfortable to walk in, and if needed for various occasions while on your travels. Learn more of what these kinds shoes have to offer.

No one wants to ever wear uncomfortable shoes that give you blisters, especially when you are traveling. That happened to me once and it was a painful lesson I won't forget. It will slow you down, making your trip all the more miserable. However, it does not have to be that way at all. What if you could find the perfect shoes to travel in that take away all your worries? You've come to the right place.

The following will be recommendations on five different types of shoes that are suitable and appropriate for traveling. These range from the easy slip-ons that will make airport security a breeze to walking around tourist locales to those needed for special occasions. Unfortunately, there is one small caveat that needs to be said first and foremost. These shoes that are featured are pricey, but made of the best quality around. I figured if you are able to travel nowadays, you can probably afford to buy top of the line comfort shoes. Besides, it is a good idea to buy one pair of shoes that's expensive, lasting you an extremely long time.

One company that specializes in these comfort shoes is The Walking Company. They are a nationwide shoe store located at upscale shopping malls near you. Now let's find out what are these shoes, where to buy them online, or find one at a store.

1.) Ecco Casual Bouillon Stud: Ballet Flats that can be worn for a dressy occasion during your travels, like at a fancy restaurant. They are also interchangeable to wear as comfort shoes at the airport. They easily slip-on and off for those times you must go through airport security. Its sleek silhouette gives it a sophisticated look with its studded lapel as well as a light, flexible sole to give you comfort all day long. Available only in black. The Walking Company guarantees all their shoes to have the best prices, best service, and best selection.

2.) Dansko Professional Clog: Once again these are perfect for wearing at airport security or walking in all day while shopping and sightseeing. Dansko's closed-back clogs are famous for their anatomically contoured foot bed for support and its slightly raised heel for improved posture and log collection line proudly carries the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association. You can choose from 34 available colors in sizes ranging from 5M to 11M (Womens).#


3.) Privo Patina: For a more sportier and casual look, here are walking shoes to go about town in. You'll find they're easy to slip on, because of its FlexFit™ lining. The Soleassage™ foam footbed helps keep your feet from getting tired. Stone and Black are the two available colors with sizes in 5-7 amp; 9.5-11M.

4.) Reiker Liv: These stretch boots are definitely made for walking, thanks to its polyurethane sole. The upper stretch fits any calf size making it easy to slip on. Choose from Black or Brown colors. Sizes are 5M-10M.

5.) Sofft Viva: A soft leathered Mary Jane style comfort shoe that looks great for any occasion while on your travels, whether business or pleasure. It also features a 2 ¾ kitten heels, along with leather-wrapped buttons in Choco Multi or Black in sizes 6-11.

With all these choices it may be hard to select the right one you'll need for traveling. Whatever shoe or shoes you select know they are the best ones for all-around comfort in your travels.