How to Judge a Man by His Shoes

Know instantly whether you and that handsome man are a good match by simply noticing his shoes.

Do you a judge a man by the shoes he wears? If not, it's time to start! Studying a guy's footwear tells you a lot about him; most importantly, whether or not he's someone you want to know better.

Expensive athletic shoes: Whether he's a competitive athlete (with a mega-buck contract) or simply a man who likes pricey trainers, a guy with funds to spend on sport shoes is a man with cash enough to buy you a drink, dinner, and maybe much more.

Nondescript, slightly scruffy athletic shoes: Happily married with kids.

Short leather dress boots: Is he mod? Gay? In any case, he's probably too high-maintenance for you.

Bowling shoes or any other retro-style footwear: A favorite of Generation X intelligentsia, these show off a man's hip quotient. The wearer will be self-deprecating, funny, highly intelligent and thoroughly knowledgeable about pop culture. Could make a good boyfriend, if you don't mind hanging out with an underemployed intellectual who never has enough money to take you to dinner.

Lace-up oxfords, black: Someone with a responsible job, reasonable income and a semblance of fashion sense. May be a tad self-absorbed, but who isn't?

Lace-up oxfords, brown: Brown, being a solid, earthy, honest color, lends an air of "everyman" to oxfords. The man wearing these will be an all-around nice guy, someone who believes in old fashioned romance, marriage and family.

Slip-on loafers, such as Gucci: A label-slave Europhile with money and plenty of attitude. Hey, could he be checking out your shoes?

Boat shoes: Does he spend a lot of time on his boat? Is he from Connecticut? Either way, a man proud of his traditional, old money ways.

Converse All-Star: A favorite of "alternative" guys--you know, those sweet, fashionably-scruffy guys with the product-enhanced hairstyles, who know everything about every band ever formed. Ask him a question about Jethro Tull and see what happens.

Doc Martens: In a band. Or used to be in a band. Or thinks a lot about bands. If you like music, you could have fun with this guy.

Cowboy boots: A sex-loving, testosterone-driven stud of a man who is not afraid to flaunt it-completely not bothered by the fact that cowboy boots look ridiculous everywhere but the American West.

Biker boots: Does he belong to the Hell's Angels? Or maybe a similar motorcycle gang? much fun can can you have riding behind a stringy-haired biker while being referred to as his "old lady"? Perhaps you'd be better off with a nice guy in brown oxfords.

Construction boots: He's probably a construction worker, right? How much does that appeal to you?

Sandals, reef-style: A guy who probably knows how to surf, likes girls and is a great kisser. Did I mention that he likes girls? Really likes them?

Sandals, brown leather: A hippie--either of the original 1960s generation, or a younger wannabe. Not a bad thing, necessarily...

Birkenstocks: See above.

Thongs, aka flip-flops: Worn on the beach, he could be anyone. Worn anywhere else and he's a man who needs a lot of attention. Might be good for a fling, however, as the guy probably gives great massages and knows tantric sex.

Clogs: Is his name Sven and is he from Denmark or Sweden? Or maybe he's a young doctor on break from the local hospital. Great. On any other man, however, clogs typically denote self-conscious, "look at me" weirdness. The flip-flop guy is a better bet.