How to Buy the Right First Shoes for Your Baby

By the time your baby begins to take its first steps, you'll need to have bought him or her a pair of shoes to support their feet with. Find out what you need to know by reading this informative article today!

Babies are easy for the first several months of their lives... at least when it comes to the shoe department. Since babies don't walk until they're almost a year old, they don't need shoes to support their tiny feet. Socks or slippers work well to keep their feet warm when they're at this age. But once they decide it's time to become mobile, it's also time for you to make a trip to the shoe store. There are many different styles of baby shoes to choose from. So you'll need to know how to buy the right first shoes for your baby.

Just like adult feet, the bones in your baby's feet spread out as the day goes on. This means, that the best time to take your little one shopping is in the afternoon or evening. If you go first thing in the morning, his or her feet will actually be smaller. And, their first shoes won't fit right.

Once you visit the shoe store, you'll see there are many types of baby shoes to choose from. The array may actually make your head spin! There are high-tops, tennis shoes, sandals, and more. Some baby shoes have the traditional shoe laces. Others have Velcro™ straps that secure them. Shoes that have Velcro straps are quicker and easier to put on your baby. However, they are easy for your son or daughter to take off too.

Some of the shoes are "cuter" than the others. But, keep in mind, you're not looking for cuteness when you buy the right first shoes for your baby. You're looking more for the right style. High-top shoes have an advantage because they offer the best support for weak, undeveloped ankles. They also stay on your young one's feet better. Of course, you can also buy your baby a pair of sandals or tennis shoes as a second pair of shoes too. That way, you can switch off from the high-tops.

When you pick out some possibilities of baby shoes to try on your son or daughter, look for shoes that are made with leather uppers. Leather is durable. It will provide a strong support for your baby's feet. Leather is also a "breathable" material that will allow the air to circulate around his or her feet so they don't sweat.

The soles of your baby's first shoes should be smooth and flat. Avoid choosing shoes with heels as they will make it more difficult for them to walk in.

Initially, when you're trying to figure out the right size for your baby, you can place the sole of the shoe flat up against his or her foot. But the real fitting will be when you put the shoes on your baby's feet. Tie the laces or fasten the Velcro™ straps. Then, have him or her stand up so the bones in their feet are spread out. Feel the toe part of the shoes. There should be enough room between their toes and the ends of the shoes so that you can place your thumb in between. This space will give their toes some wiggle room. Plus, this space will give them a little room to grow. And grow babies do! Before you know it, you're going to be revisiting the shoe store to buy a size bigger shoes!

Typically, your baby will need a new, larger pair of shoes every couple months.

You'll also need to feel the sides of the shoes in order to buy the right first shoes for your baby. Make sure they aren't too tight. You'll be able to feel if they have some room. Or, if the sides are bulging out because they are too narrow.

And finally, allow your baby to wear the shoes for several minutes. You can watch to see if he or she has trouble walking in them.