Fancy Footwear for Figure Competitors

Shoes play an important in figure competitions. Here are some tips to help find the right shoe for a competition.

For anyone who has seen or been to a figure competition it's easy to be amazed by the fitness level of these women, even though the are not doing the bodybuilding segment. Competitors in this arena are extremely lean and have well developed muscle. Their presentation on stage is just as important as their physique and unbelievably each of the competitors are doing it in a pair of high heel shoes. For the most part the shoes may have to same "look" but can be different depending on the personal preference of the competitor. When doing a competition there are certain things all of the competitors look for in a shoe.

Heel height:

Although many of the competitors where taller heels or stilettos it is not mandatory to follow suit. Purchase a heel height that's comfortable to walk in and can be stood in for long periods of time. If you have never worn nor walked in high heels a lower heel such as a shoe with 2 ¾ or 3 inch heel will be a better selection. Check the guidelines for the maximum shoe height for your competition. Depending on the judges and the promoters; points can be taken off for shoes that are too tall and accentuate height because the competitors can be placed in divisions by height, depending on the organization.


For the most part clear plastic is the first choice for the competitors shoe color. Although the color depends on the competitor's preference the shoe should accentuate your physique and posing suit; not detract from it. A colored shoe may match your suit but take too much of the attention away from your physique.


The style of shoe to wear is solely up to the competitor. Some competitors prefer a heel that is thicker or with a platform because it is easier to walk and pose in. Mules are a very common choice for these events. Another great alternative is a shoe that has an ankle strap. A shoe with an ankle strap will stay securely in place so there is no "flopping" or falling off of your foot, unlike a mule.


No matter how many shoes are tried be sure the shoe fits properly. Since you will be on your feet for a lengthy period of time a shoe that's too tight will hurt and cause blisters. On the other hand, a shoe that is too big can be the cause of tripping, falling, or scrunched toes to help keep the shoes in place. Once on stage all concentration needs to be placed on posing and not keeping your feet in your shoes.

Personal style:

When purchasing these shoes remember to purchase the shoe that fits your personality and style the best. Preferring a shoe that is plain and unadorned is perfect as long as it fits your style. If the shoe doesn't meet the expectations of your own personality then you won't feel confident while wearing them. If you prefer a shoe that has rhinestones or chains then look for one in this style; as long as it does not take away from your physique it's the perfect choice.

Once these beauties are in your hands try them on immediately to make sure you like the way they look and feel on your feet. After receiving them if you realize this isn't the right shoe for you then start hunting for a new pair. If they are the perfect shoe the next step is to start practicing walking and posing in them. You don't want to attend your competition in a pair of shoes you have never worn before. Get your practicing in and when your show arrives you'll be ready to show off that fabulous physique and your sexy shoes.