Easy Ways to Decorate Your Jelly Shoes

Want your jelly shoes to look different than everyone else's? Try some of these techniques.

Oh, the comfort of jelly shoes. Sure, they're casual wear, but do they really have to look like it? If you're wearing jellies chances are others have the same exact shoes as you - many others! That doesn't have to be the case, though. You can do some simple things to totally change the look of the shoes and the great thing is, you can change the look any time you want.

There are many different, yet temporary changes you can make when it comes to jellies. Have you ever seen those press-on, sticker earrings for kids? They come in all sorts of styles and colors that are perfect for decorating your jelly shoes. They go on easily, stay on well, yet can be easily removed. This makes it fun and simple to have a new look each time you wear them.

Fabric paints are a great way to change the look of your jellies, too. Most fabric paints, dispensed from tubes or bottles, will peel right off the shoes when you're ready. Dispense the paint directly from the tube to create the design you want. Use stencils to make the pattern or draw freehand.

After the paints dry, you can wear the shoes, and when you're ready to change the look, simply peel the paints off. If you have any trouble removing the paint just use nail polish remover to wipe away any remains.

A lot of jelly shoes have holes made into the shoes. Although it's a more permanent look you can glue fake jewels over the holes. The holes are already made into a particular pattern so covering them with jewels will still give you that pattern. Some adhesives will let go when wet, so if you prefer the jewels not stay on forever, use these types adhesive which will wash away when you're ready to change the look.

It's really easy to cover the jelly shoes with glitter paint. A simple paintbrush will allow you to place a coat of glitter paint on the shoes, or will allow you to glitter portions of the shoes. Again, use stencils if you wish, or draw freehand with the glitter paints.

If the jelly shoes you have do have the holes in them you can sometimes use post earrings to decorate. It's important which holes you select for the earrings. You'll need to use the earrings in places on the shoes where the post will not scrape your foot. Try an earring in one hole, try on the shoe, then see if the earring will pester. If not, you can definitely change the look of the shoes using post earrings.

Scrapbook stickers and borders are another fabulous way to decorate the jelly shoes. These borders are often long strips of a certain color or design. The strips can be used along the side of the sole, across the top of the foot, or other places on the shoe. As a matter of fact, many different stickers can be used on the shoes. Stickers which have a clear plastic backing, rather than a white paper backing, are ideal.

It's fun and easy to change the look of jelly shoes and you'll love the fact that your shoes look different than anyone else's. Have a look around a craft store and you'll find dozens of more ways to decorate the jellies. With little money you'll have jellies to match every summer outfit you own!