5 Great RockClimbing Shoes for Women

Women do it, too! And they can sport some of the best, most comfortable, and stylish shoes while having the best experience of their life!

Rock climbing shoes are the absolute most important piece of equipment when it comes to your arsenal as a rock climber. A truly great and truly satisfied rock climber cannot be any good without good shoes! So take a look at my top 5 selections.

#1 The La Sportiva Katana Rock Climbing Shoe

 It's my favorite because it is designed especially for easy-in, easy-out convenience. What makes that such a big deal for me? Because when my feet are worn out and I have reached a resting place, I want to be able to give them a quick rub down without too much hassle when it comes to removing and replacing my shoes!

There are two snug Velcro closures on the shoe that work in opposite directions so as to wrap your foot in a great snug feel - very much unlike typical lace-up shoes. And what's more, the shoe is also lined and has a great feminine flair to it with a color like pale blue. It's best to buy these shoes a half size smaller than your actual shoe size, as they tend to come rather large and are known (as is typical) to stretch to fit your foot through use.

#2 The Evolv Women's Hera Rock Climbing Shoe

This shoes are great for rock-climbing women because they are designed for more a more narrow, feminine foot (with an asymmetrical toe profile). The lining is a great microfiber moisture-wicking fabric that is great to keep your feet dry, cool, and comfortable. This is a great all-around climbing shoe. You may just find that this is the shoe for you because the cut seems to be very pleasant, as is the height of the heel. It is good to buy these shoes a half size smaller than your regular shoe size. The shoes comes in feminine colors like sky blue.

#3 The Mad Rock "Onsight" Climbing Shoe

It's the female version of Mad Rock brand's best selling men's shoe the Flash. It's great for any type of rock climbing, with a nice narrow fit and a higher instep designed for a woman. The hook and loop closure is quite pleasant to use, allowing you to adjust it to the snug fit you prefer, and the suede upper is rather stylish with embossing.

#4 The Scarpa Veloce Lady Climbing Shoe

This shoes is built for great performance! It's perfect for both indoor and outdoor climbing, as the sole is a vibrum sole that sticks to just about any rock. It's an all-around good shoe with suede outer, and it only weighs 13.7 oz.

#5 The Mad Rock "Phoenix"

It's a very classic rock climbing shoe, with that great Mad Rock technology we all love. It's got traditional lacing, and it's perfect for any type of job you put them to. The colors are feminine enough, like a light grey shade, with a great suede upper, and the shoe weighs only 10 oz.

So come on, ladies! Let's get out there and climb with shoes built just for us!