Best Mens Walking Shoes

This article takes a look at 5 of the best men's walking shoes, where to get them, what makes them so good and price.

Men's walking shoes have to be comfortable, durable, and attractive. Finding the right pair can be hard, this article will take a look at 5 of the best walking shoes for men, what makes them so good, where to get them, and price.

1. New Balance 844 Walking Shoe

The New Balance company makes great running and walking shoes, the 844 are no different. This shoe helps absorb all the impact of impurities in the walking surface and will cushion the foot from hard surfaces. This shoe is great for a short walk around the work place or for all day walks, the support is great, and will stop the foot from moving around inside the shoe. This shoe will help prevent blisters and friction burns on the foot for extended use.

2. MBT M Walk Walking Shoe

This men's walking shoe by MBT is on the higher end of the price spectrum at $244.99; however the benefits sure outweigh the cost. I have flat feet and find many different shoes very uncomfortable to use, however this pair is very comfortable for long walks. This shoe has a curved bottom that helps back pains, foot problems, and posture; the curved bottom also makes for a more natural walking experience. These shoes also offer some of the best breathability in a man's walking shoe.

3. Nike View II

These men's walking by Nike are stylish and comfortable. The shoe is made from soft leather that allows maximum breathability and comfort for short or long walks. This shoe also provides great stability via the hardened rubber heel.

4. Nike Air Max Healthwalker VI Men's Shoe

Nike Provides a great pair of shoes in these Healthwalker VI with increased breathability and support for long days on the feet. These shoes provide great cushioning to help prevent any shock or wear on the feet from long walks. Besides providing great support and good air flow, these shoes also provide a nice style that can be worn for any casual occasion.

Brooks almost always makes a great comfortable shoe; these men's walking shoes are made from soft leather that provides stability, durability, and comfort. These shoes also provide great flexibility and non slip grip to provide maximum safety while walking.