How to Find Cheap Converse Shoes

Tips on finding bargain Converse shoes or Converse shoes on sale.

Converse brand shoes have always been all the rage, but it seems like lately Converse's popularity has grown. It's no wonder since Converse shoes come in various types and styles that can compliment and jazz up almost any outfit. However, these trendy shoes usually don't come with a cheap retail price tag. I really like the look and wear of Converse brand shoes, but I too do not enjoy whopping out forty plus bucks for a pair of shoes on the spot. I decided to do some bargain hunting on my own and find better deals. Here are some tips I found to be quite useful based upon my experiences.

Buying Converse Shoes Wholesale

There are several shoe warehouses where shoes are sold at a discounted price. Don't let the title "wholesale" fool you. That doesn't necessarily mean you have to buy bulks to save. I've gone to plenty of shoe warehouses, where you can purchase one pair at a discounted price. I got a pair of Converse shoes for ten dollars off of the retail price and no coupon or special offer was needed.

Buying Converse Shoes at Famous Footwear stores

I used to always avoid Famous Footwear stores because I would walk in there and see overly priced shoes that I could get a similar style of for half the price elsewhere. However, on one of my recent trips there I noticed that they were having a "Buy one get the second pair half off" sale and so I decided to take a look. I also had a coupon for 20% off your entire purchase that could be used in conjunction with the sale. The great thing about this store is that if you find a style you like, but they don't have your size they will ship the desired size to your house for free. With the sale and the coupon offer I got two pairs of Converse brand shoes for 41% off of the retail price each, which added up to a total savings of $24.

Buying Converse Shoes at a Youth Size

This idea sounds crazy, but it was worked perfectly for me. Unfortunately, this only works for people with smaller sized feet. Converse shoes made for youth size retail for about ten to fifteen dollars less than adult size shoes for the same style. I have purchased youth sized shoes and have compared them to the adult versions and the styles are identical. Sometimes even the youth size comes with different special designs that the adult lines don't carry and vice versa. I wear a 5.5 sized shoe (in women's) which is equivalent to a youth size of 3. Youth size Converse shoes go all the way up to size 5 which is probably equivalent to women's sized shoe of 6.5 to 7.

Buying Converse Shoes at a Swap Meet

Believe it or not, but a lot of swap meets are a great place to buy new products for less than retail. I have gone to swap meets before and have seen vendors selling authentic Converse brand shoes for $5 to $10 less than retails. Sometimes, vendors are willing to let you bargain with them, but most of the shoes are set a specific price. It's not your best savings, but better than none or paying full price.

Buying Converse Shoes Online

If you would rather avoid the hassle to spending time driving to the store and browsing their stock selection, you can always find deals on Converse shoes online. Sites such as eBay and Amazon are common for finding deals on shoes, although personally, I still found the deals not be as great compared to actual stores or places that I go to. Other specialty shoe sites offer distinct or limited edition ones for discounted pricing once the style's time in the market has passed. I have not had much success in purchasing cheaper Converse shoes online, so this would be my last resort.