Advice for Buying Golf Shoes

There are many things to consider, besides brand name, when purchasing your next pair of golf shoes.

There are many things to consider, besides brand name, when purchasing your next pair of golf shoes. These factors not only could hurt your game, but could take unnecessary money out of your wallet. Below are some great tips to help you get the best value for your next pair of shoes:

1. Buy the shoe that fits your style of play as a walker or rider. If you like to walk the course, make sure to leave room for comfort inserts that provide extra support for your feet. If your feet feel good, your swing will be better. If you prefer to ride, you can choose trendier or dressier styles that reflect your "I'm along for the ride" type attitude.

2. Make sure you pick a style of shoe that you like, since there are enough things to worry about on the course and being self conscious about your footwear shouldn't be one of them. I own three pairs for different moods, courses and tournaments.

3. Research brands on the internet, so you can get a general idea of price you are looking to pay. Nothing feels worse than sticker shock and you can avoid trying on shoes that are outside your budget.

4. Unless you're a slave to the latest fashions, go to a golf clearance center and save a few dollars to buy some extra sleeves of balls with the money left over. The shoes are just as good and you may be able to pick up more than one pair to suit your style.

5. Make sure your shoes are "fashionable flexible," in that you can wear them with all your golf attire. Bright green shoes may look cool, but will they go with your purple shorts?

6. Always "splurge" and make sure your golf shoes are water proof. I am not saying that you will be fishing your balls out of the drink -- but hey, it could happen. But more importantly, you want dry feet from whether it's the morning dew or a sudden downpour in the afternoon.

7. Before you purchase the shoes, check how much the replacement spikes cost. Ironically some low-cost shoes have not only the most expensive replacement spikes, but they are also the hardest to find. I found this out the hard way and missed a tee time while driving around to golf stores to find spikes.

8. Buy a new pack (5-6 pairs) of golf socks. My wife always buys a new package of socks for every new pair of shoes. It may seem excessive, but you would be amazed at how quickly socks become torn and worn. And I do not want to get stuck and have to wear a pair of her pink ones out on the course.

Shopping for golf shoes can be a painless experience by using these helpful tips, which keep money in your pocket and you out on the course playing golf. FORE!