Shoe Fetish For Women Only

Many women become addicted to shoes, but is a shoe fetish truly for women only?

Many women become addicted to shoes, but is a shoe fetish truly for women only? When it comes down to it, most men love seeing a women wearing a sexy pair of heels or perhaps he secretly wants to wear the shoes himself.

There are those women whose love for shoes has turned from a shoe fetish into an obsession. Some women become obsessed with expensive and over-priced shoes. They will pay over $300 for a pair of shoes without batting an eyelash, or get into a fist fight over the last pair of shoes on sale in their size. Some of these women have a serious problem that is more than a shoe obsession or a shoe fetish; their obsession forces them to lie and steal in order to feed their addiction to shoes.

They steal their husband's credit card or credit card information, or even open separate banking accounts as so not to get caught with their outrageous spending habits. They have exceeded their credit card limit when they knowingly do not have the ability to pay back the loan. Their shoe fetish keeps them broke. Some do not know they have a problem, but some realize it and are to embarrassed to ask for help and find a way out.

Some men join certain online chat rooms, groups, or websites looking for ladies to buy shoes for to fulfill their own desire. These men are alone for whatever reason, or they hide their addiction and fetish from their wife and maintain a different life outside of their family. In reality most women would be thrilled to get a new pair of shoes at random from their man. Yes, men, you can give shoes instead of flowers - just be sure you've been together long enough that she doesn't get creeped out and file a restraining order.

The best way to find out what your lady thinks of your shoe fetish is to talk to her about it. You do not have to tell her all your secrets, start simple and see how she reacts. Do not tell her everything at once and refrain from being obsessive, it can be overwhelming and cause a negative reaction. Simply mention to her that a certain pair of shoes that she has just drives you crazy.

The love of shoes can be shared by both men and women. The key is to not hold secrets, but at the same time not to be too forward. Talking about things will make things less difficult not only for you, but for those around you.