Fashionable Shoes During Pregnancy

Advice on shoe selection during pregnancy.

An emerging study reveals that in recent years pregnant women have been favoring fashion over comfort in an attempt to keep up with celebrity trends. This could end up being a painful and detrimental mistake.

According to the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists in the U.K., nearly a third of pregnant women risk their foot health by wearing high heels during pregnancy and two-thirds are wearing flip-flops, which offer no support to the foot and ankle. Other shoe trends like ballet flats (53%) and UGG boots (30%) are also unsuitable for pregnant women since they lack necessary support as well.

With the majority of pregnant women suffering from swollen feet and ankles as well as arch and heel pain, it's a wonder that they are willing to add to that discomfort in the name of fashion. High heels alter your posture and place extra pressure on your ankles, knees and lower back, which only amplifies any existing pain. Therefore, it is highly recommended that comfortable, supportive shoes are worn during pregnancy to help reduce swelling and joint pain.

Pregnant women should have a professional properly fit new shoes to their feet. Look specifically for rounded or squared toe shoes, low heels, and straps or laces to add additional support. A podiatrist can also recommend shoe inserts to help make your shoes even more comfortable. If you must wear high heels, limit them to special occasions only. This will allow you to dress up and look fashionable for the event, but not place unnecessary pressure on your feet, back and joints.

If you experience foot and ankle pain, visit your podiatrist to receive personalized, comprehensive care to lessen the discomforts of pregnancy and find solutions to common foot ailments. So, the next time you go shoe shopping, choose a fashionable yet comfortable and supportive shoe rather than the latest high heel trend.