If the Shoe Fits Your Guide to Shoe Shopping

All about buying and wearing shoes and sneakers!

Did you ever go shopping for a pair of shoes, think they were perfect and after a night of wearing them find out they were too tight? That used to happen to me all the time until I did a little research and found that just because something fits at the store does not mean it will once you bring it home! As it turns out, the best time to go shopping for shoes is after you've been walking around for a while. Why? Simple, because your feet actually swell when you walk. So, if you walk around a while and then try on a pair of shoes you can avoid going home with something that may not fit you tomorrow!

Did you know that tight shoes are bad for your feet? As a woman I can vouch for the fact that wearing a pair of tight shoes for one night can make my feet ache for weeks. Did you ever hear the term "wiggle room"? Your toes need to be able to move a bit for you to be wearing the right size shoe or sneaker. If your toes are right up against the edge of your shoe than your shoes are too tight. Tight shoes can cause achy feet and can even cause ingrown toe-nails! Ouch!

One Rule to remember when "shoe-shopping": If it doesn't fit in the store it won't fit when you get home (yes, there are those who believe you can "stretch the shoe out" but why take the chance). Another thing, just because it looks great on you doesn't mean it's worth it to wear a pair of shoes that's a size or two too small! It's kind of like wearing a pair of pants that's too small, it will be uncomfortable and essentially not worth it. So the next time you go looking for that perfect pair make sure they really fit and save your poor feet the pain and agony of tight-fitting shoes!