Fall Creek Infant Boy Shoes Recalled Due to Choking Hazard

Fall Creek shoes for infant boys have been recalled because the toggles on the shoelaces could be a choking hazard.

Falls Creek Infant boy shoes have been recalled. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission and Meijer, the importer, announced this as a voluntary recall.

The Fall Creek shoes are being recalled because the shoelaces on this design have toggles that may come off. This would present a choking hazard for infants.

Although no incidents have been reported in connection with the Falls Creek Infant boy shoes, the recall was announced in an attempt to prevent any possible injury. The words Fall Creek are printed on the bottom of the recalled shoes.

Approximately 2,300 pairs of shoes are part of this recall. All of the recalled infant shoes are brown leather. The sizes sold were 5 through 10.

When speaking with several parents for their opinion about this recall of the Fall Creek shoes, some asked how something like this got to the point of being for sale. Most consumers may question why laces with toggles or other items that could be removed by children would be included on shoe or clothing for children.

Anyone with the recalled Fall Creek shoes should be sure they are not available to children. Removing the toggles to eliminate the possible choking hazard was one suggestion. However, consumers also have the option of returning the recalled shoes to the Meijer store where these were purchased for a complete refund.