How to Cope with Painful Shoes

What to do when stylish shoes hurt your feet?

Those cute shoes looked and felt great in the store, but the first time you're wearing them to the office you feel you made a mistake. The shoes hurt and it's getting worse by the minute.

Who hasn't experienced painful feet? The heart often rules the brain and cute shoes are bought regardless whether they are comfortable or not.

New shoes mainly hurt because the leather is still stiff and has not yet formed to the shape of your foot. One way of speeding up the process is by pouring warm water into the shoe and wearing them until they are dry. The warm water makes the leather suppler and by wearing the wet shoe the leather literally forms itself around your feet. This process can be repeated several times a day without damaging the leather.

Manually stretching the leather will help too. Stretching can be done by pulling the material between index finger and thumb. This should be done repeatedly.

If the problem is the heel of the shoe, push the leather by the heel with your thumb inwards towards the sole of the shoe, followed by a stretching motion between index finger and thumb.

If you suspect that a new shoe might hurt, take a potato to the office. Stuffing a peeled potato into a shoe also has a stretching effect on the leather.

You could also take a pair of socks to the office and wear them when nobody's watching. The thickness of the socks will stretch the material.

Depending where the shoe hurts, you could stick a piece of tissue paper or cotton wool at the painful place or wear a Band-Aid.

Then again, you could just kick off your shoes while sitting down. Nobody sees your feet when you're sitting behind your desk.

You could keep a pair of comfortable shoes under your desk or in a drawer. That way you're still wearing some footwear, but your feet get a break. Should you need to step into the boss his office or walk around, it takes only seconds to slip back into the stylish shoes.

Generally, avoid wearing new shoes barefoot. One should always wear stockings in shoes, this reduces friction and makes for a more easy fit. For those who do not fancy stockings or pantyhose, invisible foot covers are available at the pharmacy or shoe store.

Until new shoes have reached comfort level, it is a good idea to have a pair of walking shoes to wear to and from the office. Style is nice, but being comfortable is more important.