The Best Shoes for Skinny Jeans

What kind of shoes do you wear with skinny jeans? It really depends on what type of look you're going for.

One of the hottest looks right now is skinny jeans. Not only do these jeans show off your curvy figure, but they look amazing. There's only one problem. What kind of shoes do you wear with skinny jeans? It really depends on what type of look you're going for. Do you want to look sexy or casual? Are you going clubbing or out for a day of shopping? Believe it or not, these simply questions can help you determine which pair of shoes would look best with your skinny jeans. Here are a few suggestions to match almost any occasion where skinny jeans are part of your outfit.

High Heels

If you're going clubbing or just want to look downright sexy at the supermarket, high heels are the perfect pair of shoes to wear with skinny jeans. The combination of high heels and skinny jeans gives the appearance of a girl that loves to have fun, but also likes to be comfortable and casual. While black high heels are the sexiest option, you could choose almost any pair of pointy high heels. Pointy high heels are also important for this look because they keep the flow of the leg going rather than cutting it off with a blunt tipped shoe. Of course, if you want to be over-the-top sexy, you can't go wrong with stilettos. These shoes and skinny jeans are perfect paired with a sparkly, flowing top. You'll look great for clubbing or a romantic night out.


If you're looking for a more casual look, pumps are a great option. Not only are pumps comfortable, but they give a girl next door appearance to your outfit when paired with skinny jeans. A simple pair of black pumps is one of the most comfortable ways to be fashionable. If you want a super cute look, pair skinny jeans with ballerina style pumps. This look is awesome paired with a t-shirt or a casual printed top.

Ankle Boots

If you're wearing short skinny jeans, ankle boots make a great combination. You'll have that little bit of leg showing between the jeans and ankles boots. This is a more high scale look that is perfect for shopping with the girls or doing lunch. For this look, you'll want a boot with a chunky heel. Avoid ankle boots that are overly pointy. Otherwise you'll look more like a witch than a hot chick. For this look, consider adding a leather blazer to your outfit on top of a fitted solid color top.

Knee High Boots

Boots are smoking up the runways this year and knee high boots are the hottest of all. During cold weather, you may be wondering what to wear with your knee high boots. Skinny jeans are actually your best bet. Your thighs will stay nice and warm and you'll be one of the hottest women in the room. If you're feeling adventurous, try pairing skinny jeans with knee high boots that are faux fur lined. This look is amazing paired with a cowl neck sweater or a sweater dress with a nice, thick black belt.