Ways to Polish Drill Boots

Useful techniques on how to polish drill boots or leather shoes including using a lighter to glaze on shoe polish.

Drill boots, or service boots, are used by uniform services and uniformed youth organizations around the world. As part of good turn out and bearing, members of these uniformed organizations are expected to polish their drill boots so that their drill boots shine. Similar to drill boots, leather shoes can also be shone. Achieving a shine in your drill boots is not easy, but it is possible if you are willing to put in some effort. Here are the three best ways to polish drill boots and shine leather shoes.

Fast Way: Quick Shine Shoe Polishes

The fastest way to shine drill boots is to use an instant shine shoe polish. These are available in a liquid form and usually come with a sponge applicator. Most of these shoe shines are sell applying - meaning you just have to rub it onto your shoe or drill boot to get it to shine. When applying quick shine shoe polishes, always make sure your boots are clean and free of dust and dirt. If you apply instant shine onto dirt and dust, you will end up with ugly streaks all over your boots. Try cleaning off any dust and dirt with a damp cloth or shoe brush.

When you apply the polish, do so evenly. Spread it out in a single layer starting at the toe. There is no point applying multiple coats of quick shine - a single layer will do. If, after one coat, your boot is not shining. It could mean that your shoe shine is not of a good quality, or there could still be dirt on your shoe. Repeat the process of cleaning the boot with a damp cloth or shoe brush.

Shiny Way: Shoe Polish and Water or Fire

The way to achieve the shiniest finish on your drill boots is to apply shoe polish and water, or shoe polish and burning it on. Before you attempt either method, ensure that your boots are clean and free of any caked dirt by using a damp cloth and a shoe brush. If you choose to use shoe polish and water, wrap a cloth tightly around your finger and dip it in some shoe polish. Then, dip the same finger into a little water. This will make the cloth black and damp. Then apply the mixture onto your drill boot in a circular motion, starting at the toe. Keep doing this, from toe to heel, until a shine is achieved. This method will take a while, but the finish is near perfect. Done properly, the toecap of your drill boots can reflect an image of your own face sharply. The shoe polish and water method also doesn't damage your boots, so you can do it as often as you like.

The second method is to apply shoe polish, then burn it on. Start by applying the shoe polish in a slightly thick, but even layer. Once the entire shoe is covered, use a lighter or candle and run it quickly over the surfaces of shoe polish. This should cause the shoe polish to melt and "glaze" over. This will cause it shine like the top of a creme brulee. This method, while fast and shiny, does have a side effect. If you apply heat too intensely, or for too long, it will result in permanent damage to your drill boots. Always be careful when handling fire.

Best Way

If you really need your drill boots shiny, and fast, don't hesitate to bring them to a cobbler or shoe shiner. They are professionals and are good at what they do. They will also help you clean your boots and shine it in the best possible way. Although this method definitely costs more than others, it is the best way to get a long lasting professional shine on your drill boots.