Shoe Styles by Body Type

As women we love to try out different looks.But what about shoes? Do we think much about pairing the right shoe style with our outfits and body type? Learn how the right shoes for your body type can make a whole lot difference.

Similar to purchasing clothes, it is important to select the right pair of shoes for your body type.

This is especially so, as the wrong footwear can totally undo your desired look. But not many of us give much thought to the shape or the style of shoes we wear with regards to our body type. Let's look at what could work for you:

Flat Sandals

Sandals are very hip and chic. This style suits most body types but you do need to be careful about teaming these with the right outfits. If you are short, you should avoid flat sandals with items such as skirts or dresses that end at the calves. Delicate sandals and sandals with thin straps are not usually flattering on larger feet or on heavy legs. It is best to go for sturdier sandals instead. If you need something more elegant, try a sling back or the peep--toed version. These are just as classy, and will compliment your body type and feet.

Ballet Flats

Ballet flats go well with most body types. In fact, ballet flats are among the most comfortable as well as versatile shoe styles available in the market today. It can be worn both, as eveningwear as well as day-wear. Again, if your legs are heavy and short in length then I would suggest pairing these shoes with a dress that stops a few inches above the knee. And if you are a petite, wearing a pair of ballet flats that are pointed rather than the usual square or round variety will be more flattering on your frame.

Ankle Straps

Most style gurus in general, recommend women with heavy calves and ankles to avoid this style. So if you have thick ankles or heavy calves, it's best to try other styles instead. However, if you have dainty feet , you can consider wearing wedges with ankle straps. Soft pastels and other floral patterns will also complement you.


High-heeled boots can do wonders for shorter body lengths, as these can help to make your legs look longer, especially when paired with a skirt or dress that ends just below the knees. It will be ideal to wear the same color shoes as that of the outfit. However, if your legs are heavy, you should avoid ankle length and calf length boots. Instead, opt for boots that end a few inches below the knees or go for the pull-on variety of boots that can help to give shape to your legs.

Other Options

These are some of the shoe styles that can be worn comfortably by most women (with respect to their body types). But if you are in the mood to be more experimental you can also try mules, gladiator sandals, pointed-toed shoes, peep-toes and rounded-toed shoes. And if you are comfortable wearing slightly higher heels then you can opt for wedges, platforms and even the stilettos.

Now that you know which styles will work for you, I hope you will remember to keep your body frame in mind while buying new shoes. Happy shopping!