How to Easily Change the Look of Your Patent Leather Shoes

Use this technique to make one pair of shoes look like many.

Most women love to own many pair of shoes, so that they have a pair that matches each outfit, but there's no need to purchase lots of shoes if you just learn how to embellish the ones you have. Patent leather shoes, in particular, are easy to change by simply using fabric paints.

Fabric paints that squeeze right out of the bottle are perfect for giving your patent leather shoes a whole new look. The reason the paints work so well on patent leather is that they are temporary. On most things, like clothing, the paints are permanent but on patent leather, the paints will peel off even after they've dried.

Use stencils to make fabulous designs on the shoes. Squirt the paint directly from the bottle and create freehand designs. Either way, allow the paints to dry thoroughly, then wear. When you're ready for a change simply peel the paint off the shoes. The patent leather will show no damage and you can easily paint on the next design.

Make dots, stripes, curly-q's, flower shapes, geometric shapes and more. You create the design yourself. You'll find the paints in various types, like metallic, slick and shiny, pearl look, and glitter, making it easy to create your perfect look.

If you make a mistake while painting the shoes simply take a wet cloth and wipe it off. Dry the area thoroughly before painting again. If a mistake has already dried use a cotton swab and nail polish remover to take it off.

Remember to keep the paint thick, as it is if you disperse it from the bottle itself, rather than using a paint brush to add thin layers of paint to the shoes. You'll need to use nail polish remover to remove very thin coats of the fabric paint. When using thick lines, dots and other designs it's easy to just peel away the paint after it's dried.

One bottle of fabric paint costs a couple bucks or so and will do several pairs of shoes. Mix colors and types of paint to create something entirely different. Make pearl-look flowers with metallic leaves, or combine many different colors to create a polka-dot design all your own. There are no limits to the various designs you can create to match your wardrobe.

The paints dry overnight allowing you to easily change the look of high heels and other patent leather shoes for wear the next day. Since the paint peels easily off the patent leather be careful not to scrape the shoes on another surface.

You'll find hundreds of stencils at a craft store which will help you create more intricate designs on your shoes. You'll love how easy - and how cheap - it is to change the look of your patent leather shoes - and your daughter's! Let her get in on the fun with her own set of paints. The paints are great for other shoes, too, but will give permanent results to most tennis shoes and similar footwear.

Purchase the paints in singles, sets, or mixed sets. They're inexpensive and will last a long time. Now go to the closet and get your shoes. Your creative side is calling...