Shoe Shopping for Large Sized Feet

Shopping for shoes if you have large feet can be struggle. There are ways to make it work and to find shoes that work for everyone's personal needs and wants.

Finding shoes for people with large feet can be a challenge. I have had size 15 shoes since middle school and want to give you advice if you also have large feet and are having difficulty finding shoes.

It used to be that years ago people with large feet had to find a store that carried the shoes. This often meant that they would leave buying whatever they could find in their size. For those who had shoes too large to be found in any store they often had to custom order. Thanks to the internet and shoe companies recognizing that large feet needed to have shoes too, there are now several ways to find a more fashionable model that fits your needs.

Of course the most important thing to do is to actually determine your shoe size. Knowing the width of your foot is important as well. Even so some of the selection also depends on the shoe, how it is made, and how you prefer to wear your shoes. Another disadvantage to large feet is that half sizes are virtually nonexistent. This can be slightly a problem if for example you feet are slightly more than a size 14, like mine, making you a size 14.5, but the size is not made, so you need to get one up.

If you are one of those looking to try on your shoes before you buy there are several options. Years ago I used to go to Marshalls to find shoes. They carry numerous shoes and large sizes. If you are looking to save some money and are not as concerned with selection then it is a store that is worth a shot going to. Of course the selection with vary depending on with store you visit. So if there are more than one Marshalls in your area you can visit all of them. There also are independent shoe store chains that carry large shoes. You may want to look around online to see if you can find one or ask around.

A national chain that carries large shoes is New Balance Stores. If you can't find your size you can order it online but it is usually advantageous to try it on first. With the increase of internet shopping shoe buying for large feet is much easier. Nike makes shoes that are very large with sizes up to 18 in both men's and women's. If you are a women whose feet are larger than 18 you could also wear men's shoes as women's shoe sizes are two less than men's. Another popular destination for purchasing shoes is Eastbay. They carry men's shoes up to size 22. Another popular feature about Eastbay is the catalog that they send out via the mail. This catalog contains a wide array of shoes you can choose from. It is possible to order online and over the phone.

Shopping and finding shoes that fit for people with large feet can be a struggle. The internet and online shopping has helped to ease the stress and disappointment.