Product Review Dansko Shoes for Work Comfort and Style

product review of Dansko shoes

Several months ago, I noticed my friend sporting a very attractive and comfortable pair of shoes. I inquired about them and was told that they were Dansko's made by a Danish company. When I asked about comfort, she declared that they were like wearing bare feet. I wondered about durability and she said that I would probably get tired of my Dansko shoes before I wear them out.

Dankso sounded appealing to me as a teacher, mom of four and someone who is almost constantly on my feet. I also suffer from back problems from a spina bifida and acute scoliosis. Many times, at the end of a long day, I can barely stand or walk straight. I also walk on the outside of my feet. Every pair of shoes I buy very quickly becomes worn down on the outside, causing me to walk on the edges even more. Even those with a supposedly sturdier sole wear down very soon after I buy them. Of course, at that point the shoes are virtually useless. And being primarily made by slave labor for overpriced American companies, most shoes are of much lower quality, even brands which had better reputations years ago.

Still a bit skeptical that I could actually find a pair of quality shoes, I visited Trade Home, an authorized dealer of Dansko. I found immediately that they were different in one way at least, they were little pricey...$114 a pair. I asked questions of the salespeople; they assured me that Dansko's were not made in the Orient and that the soles were indeed made of a more durable material. But being a very pragmatic rather cynical person, I was pretty sure it was just a sales line to get my money.

Still, I had to admit that the Dansko's I tried on felt supportive, especially in my arches. I felt, in fact like a horse who has just been shod for the first time. I felt like I was walking on bricks. The shoe soles aren't so much heavy as substantial. I balked at the price, but my husband encouraged me to try a pair, reminding me that if the Dansko's worked out for me, I would actually be saving money by not having to buy shoes every few months. I figured he had a good point.

I also noticed that Dansko's are endorsed by the American Podiatrist association as a suitable shoe for orthopedic uses. My friend who is a nurse says that hers are almost indestructible. Dansko's work well for hairdressers and hospital staff. Our son in law's supervisor at Best Buy finds them very comfortable as a salesperson always on the move.

So I bought a pair of Dansko's about two months ago and have been wearing them every day since. I wear them for dress, work, casual, etc. Dansko's are simple and attractive. I chose the cordovan color and they go well with dress slacks and jeans. Initially they felt a little tight, but with a few days wear, they fit perfectly. Dansko's are sized in European sizes and do not come in American half sizes. Because they have a lower back (not a clog, but a slip-on) they are looser in the heel.

I have found that my feet and legs are much more comfortable. My back does not hurt so much after a day on my feet. The sides don not appear to be wearing down at all. I still have my reservations, mostly due to my skeptical nature, but so far I am very impressed and glad for happy feet.