Step in Line with Certain Dris Foot Care for Perspiration Control

Do you or someone you know suffer from extreme foot odor? Do grown men faint when you take off your shoes? Fret no more; get help from Certain Dri!

I've been pampering my feet, and they feel (and smell) so good!

Having recently acquired Certain Dri Feet Moisture Pads and Microsponge Powder, there were big expectations; I was not disappointed. Both products were awesome!

The Moisture Control Pads work in a similar way to the facial ones, but are specially formulated for the feet.

The pads are stacked individually in a convenient screw-cap jar, soaked in podiatrist-recommended 12% aluminum chloride formula (a very clean smell!). You use one pad per foot (and you can go in between toes) 2-3 times a week at bedtime (nightly) only. Let the formula dry completely on the feet for at least two to three minutes; the liquid solution may discolor your sheets or clothing if not completely dry.

Besides being approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association for effectively controlling feet sweating (

plantar hyperhidrosis), Certain Dri Feet Moisture Pads, when used in conjunction with Certain Dri Feet Microsponge Powder, are a mighty force!

I enjoy using the pads, but the Microsponge Powder's my favorite (It's specially developed for those suffering from excessive foot odor (bromhidrosis), but even if your feet sweat normally, you can still use this). The smell (a light menthol scent) is fantastic!

I sprinkle a few drops in my socks every morning for all day freshness. This product WORKS right from the time your feet come into contact with it. Even at bedtime, my feet were still dry and smelling great! You can also apply this to the soles of your feet, in between the toes and/or in your shoes or sneakers (Socks are my personal preference).

Why does this product work so well?

It's because of a powerful combination of five ingredients providing several levels of odor defense:

A protective barrier that prevents air from coming into contact with moisture/sweat

Two antibacterials to help prevent the formation of odor-causing bacteria

An odor neutralizer that continuously works to prevent odor

Did you know that one in three adults in the U.S. or more than 70 million have foot perspiration or foot odor problems? You do now. It can range from "slight vapors" to moderate dampness to serious sweating. Besides odor, athlete's foot, blisters, and toenail fungus are other health issues that causes concern about shoeless activities or events that require wearing a different shoe style (that shows more feet and/or toes).

"Most footwear does not allow for perspiration to evaporate naturally", said podiatrist Oliver Zong, DPM (and director of foot surgery at NYC Foot Care). "The warm. Moist environment then encourages bacteria growth and fungi, leading contributors to foot problems. By controlling excess moisture with Certain Dri Feet products, we can help prevent this."