5 Great Looking Water Shoes for Men

Whether it's a relaxing day at the beach or a rigorous day of water sports, these great looking water shoes for men can get you through it in style.

One of the best thing about a great looking water shoe is that it can be worn both for performance or for casual fashion. The best water shoes are amphibious and can be used for multiple sport purposes, so if you're torn over whether or not you really need a pair of great looking water shoes, consider how they can serve more than one purpose at the beach. It'll help you pack light!

1. Timberland Eurus CII Sandal. This state-of-the-art shoe is ideal for getting wet and still finding traction on slippery surfaces, like a boat deck. But the laid-back, casual fashion sense of these great looking water shoes for men makes them perfect for jeans or cargo shorts. And while we wouldn't recommend wearing them with dress slacks, they pair perfectly with Dockers or khaki pants. Best of all, these shoes keep your shoes cool and come with a clasp that makes them easy to get on and off with just a snap.

2. Teva Gamma. Teva made a name for itself with comfortable performance footwear, and this great looking water shoe for men is no exception. With mesh uppers, they drain and dry quickly in addition to keeping the foot ventilated. It has all-terrain traction. The low profile of the shoe makes it appropriate for sports or for city walking. Plus, the neon trim is sure to turn heads.

3. Hi-Tec Multiterra Aero. These great looking water shoes for men give the impression of a hiking boot with the flexibility and comfort of a sandal. The light mesh sucks onto the foot and clasps with a stretchy lace. Meanwhile, the outsole is cushy and sturdy enough for any kind of use, whether it be sports or a casual walk in the park. It's particularly attractive in tan but the charcoal might be even more versatile.

4. Speedo Men's Hydro XP Water Shoe. For a more colorful, fashion forward look, the men's Hydro XP Water Shoe by Speedo might be just what you're looking for. These great looking water shoes for men have colorful bungee stretch laces and a low profile that ensures great lateral support. The soft mesh fabric allows these shoes to double as walking sandals, water aerobic shoes, or street wear. If you're going on vacation, this great looking water shoe may be the only pair of shoes you need to pack.

5. ECCO Men's Atlantis II Sneaker. A higher-end, more expensive water shoe for men is the Ecco Men's Atlantis II Sneaker. It's also available in red, white and silver, but it's most attractive in shades of tan, green and aquamarine. This great looking water shoe for men has sandal styling over a mesh net for comfort if you want to wear it without a sock, and support if you do. It's lightweight, which will keep your feet from getting tired too quickly. It's also made with superior traction for any kind of sport activity you're up for. Dressier than a sneaker, it'll still go with your entire casual wardrobe.

With this many functional and stylish water shoes for men available, you may end up buying more than one pair!