Wal Marts Kyle Mens Work Shoe by Brahma

Wal Mart's Kyle work shoe by Brahma is an attractive and comfortable men's work shoe that is reviewed in this article.

Approximately two months ago, my wonderful Father purchased a very useful pair of men's work shoes for me at a Hartford, Connecticut Wal Mart store. I had seen these attractive and functional work shoes on display at Wal Mart for more than a year and every time that I saw them, I liked them even more. These work shoes, which resemble low - slung, stylish brown work boots, are actually very attractive and extremely comfortable, yet they are also quite durable. These work shoes are a Brahma brand product and the model name is the"Kyle". I am so impressed with the Brahma Kyle workshoes from Wal Mart, that I decided to write a product review of the item. Presented here, in an effort to assist the consumer, is an honest and objective product review of Wal Mart's Kyle work shoe by Brahma.


Wal Mart's Kyle work shoes by Brahma might be lightweight and comfortable, but they are also very durable. Their soft yet effective soles consistently provide excellent traction through all types of surfaces and terrain. I have worn these Wal Mart work shoes in the rain several times and the water did not seem to absorb the shoe leather. When I have gotten dirt or mud on these work shoes, it cleans off easily, with just a paper towel or sponge and water.


Kyle Work Shoes by Brahma are available in a wide range of sizes. One thing that I like about buying footwear at Wal Mart is the fact that more than one pair of most sizes are usually in - stock.


The only color of Kyle Work Shoes by Brahma that I have seen is brown. As I write this product review, I am wearing the work shoes and looking closely at the color of the shoes. The shade of brown that these work shoes are reminds me of chocolate. It is a fairly neutral color and works well with most other colors. These men's work shoes from Wal Mart also feature beigish - white soles and stitching, which contrast well with the brown leather, creating a stylish appearance.


One of the things that I like most about the Kyle men's work shoe from Wal Mart is the high level of comfort that is offered when they are worn. These work shoes are undoubtedly among the most comfortable shoes that I have ever worn. It is very easy to slip these work shoes on and off and they feel as comfortable after several hours of wearing them as they do when they are first put on. The soft leather, cushiony insoles and pleasant - feeling soles offer a pleasant walking experience every time I try these shoes on.


Wal Mart's Kyle men's work shoe is very reasonably - priced, especially given the high quality, durability and attractiveness of the product. The retail price that we paid for one pair of these work shoes at a Hartford, Connecticut Wal Mart store was approximately $30, which is considerably less than prices charged for similar work shoes at other retailers.


Kyle Work Shoes by Brahma are regularly available at Wal Mart stores across America. They are fairly easy to spot, because of their distinctive appearance. These top - rate men's work shoes are also available online through walmart.com.

Special Features

The Kyle men's work shoes from Wal Mart include a host of special features that set them apart from many types and brands of men's work shoes. These include a padded collar and tongue, lace - front, three - layer comfort foot bed, shock absorbing mid - sole, slip - resistant, oil - resistant sole and moisture wicking interior for perspiration control.

Overall Rating

All things considered, the Brahma Kyle Work Shoes at Wal Mart stores are aesthetically - pleasing boot / shoes that are extremely comfortable to wear. These men's work shoes are durable and are very reasonably - priced. These high quality work shoes are highly recommended by this consumer writer.