Top Five RockClimbing Shoes for Men

A look at the top five rock climbing shoes for men.

Rock-climbing has increased in popularity over the last decade. Men are finding themselves not the only gender interested in scaling an impossible wall. In order to scale those impossible walls, men must find the perfect rock-climbing shoe. Shoes that can double as indoor and outdoor climbers are recommended. As well as an all-around performance shoe. If small edges and tight crevices are involved, an investment into a down-turned shoe would be helpful. In this list of the top five men's rock climbing shoes are brands like Evolv and La Sportiva.

The Optimus Prime by Evolv, is a great place to start on the list.

This is a signature line by Chris Sharma. A symmetric toe is surrounded by duro-rand. A perforated tongue keeps the foot cool. The velcro strap keeps the foot snug and comfortable. This yello and black shoe will keep a climber's foot protected and comfortable during the climb, while giving an improved hooking ability. The Optimus Prime is the fourth shoe in the Sharma Signature collection.

The second on the top five list is the Talon by Evolv. This black and yellow shoe with a down-turned toe is great for those impossible edges where precision is a necessity. This high performance shoe pulls all the stops with high friction rubber so that climbing is a breeze. The non-stretch synthetic upper and microfiber lining will keep moisture in check while facing boulders. When accuracy is a requirement, the Talon will not let you down. 

La Sportiva makes a shoe that can fit nearly everyone comfortably. Mythos is a very well made shoe. Laces enhance the performance of this shoe. They allow a snugness that only laces can give. The leather upper of Mythos allows a stretch so that swelling feet will still be comfortable. It has a rounded toe with rubber rand that gives a climber the ability to be spot on with cracks. 

Acopa rounds out the last two on the top five list. Merlin has some of the best features for those that sport climb. This shoe has been awarded the Editor's Choice for Climbing. An arch with three directional tension allows for a secure fit upon the foot. Laces keep feet snug inside the unlined shoe. The tongue is padded for added comfort. Support is found in the high tension mid sole of the Merlin. This shoe is for the extreme climber. 

The last shoe on the list is the Spectre. This technical shoe has won the award for Best In Gear Rock and Ice. A handsome tri-colored shoe in red, white and black, the Spectre, has leather uppers lined with canvas material. This extreme performance shoe features a padded tongue to keep a climber's foot comfortable as they go vertical. The meticulousness of the shoe is unbelievable in that it is sensitive no matter the rock type.