Top 5 Rock Climbing Shoes for Men

These rock climbing shoes are great for a man's foot and offer the best comfort, support, and are highly functional.

Mad Rock Phoenix Climbing Shoes

Mad Rock climbing shoes are a great shoe to rock climb in. This shoe is known as one of the best selling shoes in North America for rock climbing. This shoe fits a wide variety of feet due to its flexible material. Though the material is flexible, the stiff midsole of the shoe provides stability and has the perfect amount of it for it's use of climbing rocks. The shoe comes in several different colors and fits almost every kind of foot.

Mad Rock Flash

The Mad Rock Flash is a climbing shoe which has extra special features which make this shoe ideal for climbing in competition. The shoe is not exclusively designed for competition, and can be used for regular climbers as well. This shoe features Mad Rubber which makes climbing easier because it sticks better to the rock. This shoe is designed for climbing more advanced rock and in places with more angles that are hard to climb, but it does not eliminate beginner from using this shoe. The shoe fastens with a strap instead of a lace for faster fastening.

The Five Ten Gambit

The Five Ten Gambit is a great climbing shoe that is made of some materials that are ideal in a climbing shoe. The upper part of the shoe is made out of a synthetic material which forms to your foot and also has perforation which allows the foot to breathe when you are involved with a sweaty exercise like rock climbing. This is a great shoe for people who are in the middle stages between beginner and advanced climbing. The shoe has lace closures and is available in a silver and grey color. This could be called an intermediate shoe, and would be great for even a beginner climber as well.

Evolv Defy

Evolv Sports makes a great rock climbing shoe called the Evolv Defy Climbing Shoe. This shoe is a very soft and plush shoe that is designed to be very comfortable so that you can wear the shoe through long extended sessions of climbing. The shoe is comparable to a slipper, and has velcro closure which is a good time and energy saver as you do not have to spend time lacing up your shoes. The shoe lasts quite a bit longer than other shoes because of the fibers used. The fibers used in this shoe prevent the upper part of the shoe from stretching out, so you will get more wearability out of this soft and comfortable shoe, which is a good thing because they are so comfortable you will not want to take them off.

Evolve Evo

Evolve Sports also makes another type of climbing shoe called the Evolv Evo. This is a great shoe for an intermediate to advanced climber. The shoe has features which allow the climber to better get into hard to reach cracks and has a sticky rubber sole which helps the shoe to stick to surfaces.