Five Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Men

There are so many great rock climbing shoes available for men. Knowing what you need in a rock climbing shoe can help you choose the best pair for your needs and your skill level.

Choosing the right rock climbing shoes is an important decision. You want them to fit correctly and perform well. According to the experts at it is best to look for a shoe that fits your rock climbing expertise level. Beginners need a slightly different style of shoe than experienced climbers need. You also want a snug but not painfully tight fit (generally about 1 size smaller than your normal shoes) with proper support. The Mad Rock Trickster, the Millet Replikan, the Rock Pillars Stream, the Acopa JB, and La Sportiva Miura are five great rock climbing shoes for men - each with unique and special features.

Beginners generally do best if they avoid the style of rock climbing shoe referred to as a slipper. Beginners also are not as likely to need to aggressive down turned toes that experienced climbers require. The Mad Rock Trickster is a good beginner level rock climbing shoe that sells for around $80.

The Millet Replikan is a good climbing shoe for experienced climbers. It has features designed to satisfy climbers who take on technical climbing, cliffs and major routes, bouldering, steep walls, severe overhangs, and slabs. The Replikan has a precise, downturned toe, a specially padded heel to absorb shocks; special arch construction to allow better fit and greater sensitivity, and a sticky outsole with a high molecular weight that resists deformation and slows damaging wear.

The Rock Pillars Stream is a good universal rock climbing shoe. It has a partially lined toe area, a "deep heel" designed for hard heel locking, a padded but breathable tongue, a "Grippen" sole designed to create friction and hold on tricky surfaces, and finally a quick closure system that makes the Stream easy to put on and take off quickly.

The Acopa JB is an attractive climbing shoe, but rock climbers know the performance is even more important than the appearance of a good rock climbing shoe. The Acopa JB has a lot of features that are useful for rock climbers. The Acopa is a versatile shoe that climbers will find useful in varying terrains. According to the manufacturers it is "perfect for any route that requires all types of climbing technique." It has a stiff polymer midsole, canvas lined leather uppers, a comfortable padded tongue, a 4.2m RS Rubber sole, and a full contoured rand. (The rand is the strip of rubber that encircles the shoe just above the sole.)

La Sportiva Miura is a popular climbing shoe that is described by as a super aggressive rock climbing shoe. The sole is made of "ultra sticky" rubber and has a down turned toe that gives climbers superior friction. The Miura has a special lining that is comfortable right out of the box and that also reduces stretching and deformation. These 19 ounce shoes are perfect for bouldering and sport climbing.