A Question and Answer from the Heart of Jenny Heart 2 About Walking Correctly in Someone Elses Shoes

A discussion about walking in other people shoes. W.W.J.D. is talked about. The menatlly challenged,the poor,jobless indivuals, and many others need their loved ones to walk in their shoes and try to understand.

I'm not Ann Landers but I do feel the pain of others I've been told. I'm constantly facing trials that involve certain loved ones in my life. The Heart of Jenny Heart will guide you through the question and deliver an answer with compassion from my soul. The Bible and the letters W.W.J.D. have a lot to do with solving this mysterious question, in my opinion. Your faith may be different; however love is still spelled the same. Just talk walk together, and really listen and things will end with a blessing upon both of you.


How does walking in someone else's shoes help someone who is having a problem?

This question has confused people from all ages. In order to truly understand someone's problem lets discuss the answer to this question.


Patience is one of the fruits of the spirit that is talked about in the Bible. Patience is something that nobody is born with. It has to be developed by experiencing life's trials and learning what's important in life. Learning to walk in someone else's shoes will also help each other grow in patience, and understanding, and learn to understand the problems someone else is going through with much more understanding.

I express this whole heartedly from personal experience. I know someone who faces trials on a daily basis due to a disorder. This disorder will plague her life daily. I have learned by walking in the shoes of this person. I've have learned about what is important in life. Life isn't about perfection. It's about how being imperfect is really perfect indeed in our hearts.

The person I know calls herself imperfect. She always makes sure all of her loved ones are taken care of perfectly. She tries to make sure her family always eats their vegetables and takes their aspirin they need to take everyday. Doesn't that sound perfect to you? I do!

Shoes should be walked in correctly to feel the full benefit from them. Life can be thought about in the same way. People who practice showing patience and understanding will know how to walk in someone else's shoes the correct and most beneficial way.

Skechers shoes take getting use to in order to get the true benefit from walking in them. . Think of life in the same way. Walk a little slower and take special consideration on how to walk in someone else shoes and then watch what lesson will be understood more. More patience and understanding will be just the start of the things that will come from learning how to walk in the shoes of our loved ones.

Think W.W.J.D.

What would Jesus do?

Jesus put the words,' walking in someone else's shoes,' into practice daily He walked and he talked with many people who were ill or distressed. He wants people to walk in the footprints he has molded for his people and plant their feet into the mold. He carries them through their problems, until they can stand strong. God's people should hold up their loved ones in their lives with the same compassion and unconditional love as Jesus did.

Walk in the shoes of others and let them plant their feet into your footprints along with Jesus, and nothing shall be impossible.

Your faith may be different than mine but remember to always treat people the way you would want to e treated. Walk in the shoes of the people that you love, and true understanding will follow. All people come from different faiths, but one thing is hopefully true. Love will conquer all if everyone learns to walk in the shoes of the ones that they love.

Start walking, talking, and listening and then feel true understanding about what it feels like to walk in someone else's shoes.